Call of Duty: Black Ops Prestige Edition selling out

The Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops' Prestige Edition has been removed from sale from both GAME and Gamestation's websites, suggesting that the SKU has already sold out.

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dangert122920d ago

For that price you could get a better RC Car and a better game and a better what ever else that comes out

StitchJones2920d ago

What are you talking about? The RC car has a camera built into it. And the controller has a mini-screen while you are driving it. That is pretty darn cool in most people's books.

TrevorPhillips2920d ago

Most people are getting the RC car just to spy on there neighbours, if ya know what Im talking about lol

il-mouzer2920d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the camera was some low quality image capturing device with a very low resolution and a much worse frames per second

what's the distance on the rc-car btw?

BulletProofVess2920d ago

not worth it in my book

im gonna go ahead and pick up the $80 hardened edition which comes with the additional maps. it'll be enough for me

LeonSKennedy4Life2920d ago

"Call of Duty Selling Out"

Title fixed.

IrishYamato2920d ago



CaptainMarvelQ82920d ago

is a Sell Out
ahh i love correcting titles

Nihilism2920d ago

*grumble grumble* you ruined christmas, I had a similarly worded response in my 'snappy comeback holster'.

off topic: nothing like some Mastodon + inebriation + n4g

Calm Down Sunshine2920d ago

And once again my countrymen have let me down.

dangert122920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

English people don't know about games i only have xbox and ps3 exclusives and when i was asked why i said cause they tend to be better focused on one console etc he said pick a game thats better then cod i said MAG
he replied HAAAAAA LAG LAG i was like you've never played it have you? he goes no lol

@ below i am english

most english people who have a ps3

play COD And Fifa

they don't know about ps3 exclusives well not many

oh not all english people know about games theres a minority that do the rest just follow

I have
Killzone 2
Resistance 2
the only englih friends i have who play these games are the ones i told to buy them and they love them

LolololRumz2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

You've litterly based your opinion of English people over someone saying LAG, wow. You'd be surprised to find there's ALOT of us who purposely don't buy these games because they come out each year in and out (Guitar Hero, COD etc)and I personally like to invest my money in a company who puts their life and soul into a game.

However I too have to say MAG is a great option rather than COD however there are some idiots in this country that are biased towards one game/console.

I just disagree against you saying English people know nothing about games

@dangert12 I have to agree, it's about time these games give way and let some very good exclusives show their full potential, but our game charts are almost exactly like our music charts, full of mainstream rubbish which gets copied over and over again whereas small artists are producing really good music but isn't getting enough attention

@forcefullpower I suppose I'm pretty lucky all my mates love PS3 exclusives and not one of us are biased towards a console or game, just shame to see some fellow Englishmen ruining the gaming experience for others, and i TOTALLY agree about game they slag off loads of good games and the people that work there know nothing about games

forcefullpower2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

I get that everytime i pop into game. My ears actually bleed. The amount shit they spout to customers if horrific. They really dont know what they are talking about

Any you are so right about COD & or FiFa.

@LolololRumz i do agree with dangert12 as the amount of friends i speak to that say they are gamerz but i have to correct them because they where told buy someone in game that e.g. MAG was shit or laggy and regergatate the same rubbish to other people.

dangert122920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

yeah our chartz are crap ain't they
english people love to follow i guess
or its english to like not so good stuff? O_o


well I am Engliesh and I only have MGS4, GOW3, little big plannet and uncharted 1. so what the hell are you talking about...

dangert122920d ago

Not all english i never said all as i am english it would be foolish but most thats what im saying

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Nihilism2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

You had one redeeming moment not long ago, when 'Killing in the Name of' went to number on on the christmas sales chart to top out some marketing drone in one of the pop star competitions, it was a glorious moment not just for England but for all Commonwealth countries and indeed the entire world.

It almost makes up for the 'Crazy Frog' song being number on in the U.K some years ago...

I used to read that people in the U.K claimed to have superior music taste, that in addition to the spice girls proved that to be very wrong, but like I said, last year all was forgiven when RATM took out the charts.

The fact that you have Tom Waits as your avatar proves you are not one of the sheep, do you need a ride? i'm goin' out west.

ndibu2920d ago

We buy games.
Other console gamers...sorry, other console owners, they talk about games and graphics and hate sales because they don't buy games. And because their console is last place. Why am I mentioning all this? Well because it's the truth

Calm Down Sunshine2920d ago

You put your words in a silly order, and it doesn't really make sense.

D- Must try harder.

FAGOL2920d ago

Well exactly that's the problem. 360 owners buy anything. You may be helping the gaming industry financially but at the end companies like Activision see the potential of making millions. So they make worthless overpriced things like this. Game prices will continue to go up. Soon DLC will be almost the price of a full game. As gamers we should support the developers who bring out quality content and support their games continually.

ndibu2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

In fact, the last 3 COD games are in ps3's top 5.
Ps3 owners like spewing variety, but in the end a COD shooter is number 1 with 8 million sales and their flagship super title GT5P is at 4 million even with a 40 bucks price tag. Im crossing fingers that somebody says it was just a demo, then I can make fun of the fact that they're saying that ps3 gamers, smart as you're saying they are, bought a 40 dollar

ian722920d ago

I have the other console, as you say (PS3). Your saying we don't buy games. I have 78 blu-ray games, probably more than you have 360 games.
You're so wrong its unbelievable. You're more wrong than wrongy Mcwrong from wrongsville.

Microshock2920d ago

Same thing happened with the MW2 prestige and hardened edition. 4 months later, Best Buy has two shelves full of the "super limited" editions.

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