F1 2010 Interview Part 1 - IncGamers

In part 1 of a 2 part interview, IncGamers' John Robertson talks to F1 2010's Chief Games Designer, Steve Hodd, as well as Senior Producer, Paul Jeal.

'Being big Formula 1 fans, what were the elements you really wanted to get right in order to create the best experience possible?

Steve Hood: First and foremost, the thing for me was making sure it was actually fun to drive the cars around the track. Fun for me isn’t doing two-thousand miles per hour down the straight or being able to kick an afterburner on, it was having that consistency where you can drive the car around the circuit and, once you get used to it, you get into a rhythm and start shaving a second off, then half a second and then tenths off.'

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the-thing-that-is2888d ago

ye please, i want this game. roll on friday so i can win the championship with vettel and knock off hailton along the way. i hope its as realistic as itss upposed to be

highlander1232888d ago

looks good but am more excited about DiRT 3 to be honest

highlander1232888d ago

also more excited about gt5

the-thing-that-is2888d ago

but i cant ruin hamitons title chancs in gt5 or dirt

mint royale2888d ago

Forza Hamilton!

I hope its realisitic. Vettel won't be able to pass without crashing into Jenson Button's sidepod and/or the barrier :D

JohnR2888d ago

Very different from DiRT and Gran Turismo, probably good reasons to own all 3 if you like racing games

syrinx2887d ago

I can tell you it rocks big time.