Exclusive Wet Preview & Screens

"Soak yourself in girl power with Sierra's upcoming Croft killer."

The jury's still out on whether or not Rubi, the voluptuous, acrobatic star of Sierra's third-person innuendo, Wet, can pull off a strapless Versace number, but YVG's pretty sure she can handle herself in a firefight. A brief, very early demo of the action extravaganza definitely has our interest piqued, and they're not just referring to her ability to lounge in a bathtub.

Besides, Wet is more about getting your hands dirty than your body clean. The game's script was penned by one of the lead writers from the seminal television action drama 24, though the stylized look borrows just as heavily from cool-cat Tarantino tale Kill Bill. Rather than running down terrorists or sticking it to her ex-gang mates, Rubi is a government-approved mercenary, a legal gun for hire. As such, her assignments can be considered "wet works," an old Cold War euphemism for covert, special-op assassinations.

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MK_Red4131d ago

The game looks really bloody and sexy. This screenshot is enough for me to warrant a buy :)

nix4131d ago

when it comes to hot woman... i love it already! q:

Watkins4131d ago

Hehe, looks like some kind of Kill Bill thing they got going.

tplarkin74131d ago

I don't like tattoos on women. She also doesn't have the "assets" that Lara has.