MS: 'Japan has embraced Kinect'

CVG: Developers coming up with "things we've never imagined," claims Greenberg

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zeeshan2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Developers coming up with great stuff...?

... then god damn show it!!! Show something for the hardcore gamers!

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ndibu2892d ago

From TGS? Haunt.
Project Draco
Codename D
Steel Battalion
Rise of Nightmares. All Japanese, all Kinect exclusive and all geared more towards the core gamer.
But this is N4G and anything positive about Kinect is gonna be marred by insecure Ps3 fanboys crying about their last place console. Shall we wait til next year again before ps3 is no longer last?? Wait til next year...been hearing that since 06

LoVeRSaMa2892d ago

Embraced Kinect as much as they have 'Embraced' the xbox?

Panaru2892d ago


Come back when those games are proven to...y'know, work flawlessly with the kinect, which can't even seem to work well with simple avatars.

Oh also, bonus points if you come back and a couple of those games aren't on-rails.

Red_Orange_Juice2892d ago

just because you say it doesnt mean it's truth LOL

CellularDivinization2892d ago

@ PS3Fanboy
So its basically Heavy Rain without the lag and the graphics.

Rainstorm812892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Oh yea this is the hardcore game ive been waiting for!!!! /S

I cannot wait to see how capcom took a game that had a controller with probably 20 buttons , 2 analog flight sticks, and turned it into a game that uses no buttons at all. (Steel batallion)

Cause Capcom's record this gen with games other than the fighting genre have been suspect at best

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Panaru2892d ago


Really? THAT'S what Haunt looks like? I thought it was going to at least attempt to be a serious horror game. With that art style, it's only going to scare people who managed to get scared by Luigi's Mansion.

That's really too bad. I was hoping it would graphically look scary, at the VERY least.

B-Real2062892d ago

@ ndibu in all fairness they really didn't show anything but trailers. How is that suppose to excite anyone.

n4gno2892d ago

"But this is N4G and anything positive about Kinect is gonna be marred by insecure Ps3 fanboys crying about their last place console"

Lol, insecure fanboyz in denial without good motion controler (and bluray, 3d, best exclusives, free online) talking about "insecure" when ALL the review are saying the same thing about Move and kinect ! ....hilarious

No matter what they can read, they don't want to see the truth, never :) (by the way, the third place, very close to ms, is only a question of time, and the result of the 1 year advantage + shipped numbers + rrod + 2 consoles/hacked firmware+online console : fact is ps3 sell better each year since the begining ! (and now even in the software department)

Anon19742892d ago

And Kinect isn't even out yet. How, exactly, has Japan "embraced" a product that's not yet available? Methinks Move's positive reception is making Greenberg a little concerned. Greenberg is in full damage control mode when it comes to move. He's out there, bashing Move, explaining how the games are basically "controller based" games, talking about how much Japan loves his product that isn't available yet.

Let Kinect do the talking when it comes out. Just like how when the 360 couldn't show positive growth for a year and software and hardware revenue were falling off, Greenberg was "Wow! Look at our NPD numbers! Look at how many Live subscribers we have! We're awesome!"

The guys in perpetual damage control mode. He Greenberg. I understand Microsoft just cut 360 production by 40%. If the 360 was being so "embraced" by consumers, shouldn't you be ramping that up? Where's your positive spin on that?

nickjkl2892d ago

what he means is japan devs have embraced kinect but japans consumer market we dont know well have to ask xbox

Motorola2891d ago

I think MS have different views on what the words mean. They think that when Japan look at kinect and walk away. Thats embracing

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sinncross2892d ago

Really Greenberg ,just because Japanese developers have embraced the Kinect doesn't mean the Japanese audience have, so don't say that 'Japan' as some sort of superordinate.

That said, you're releasing Kinect just after GT5 release... I highly doubt that will help matters, in Japan at least.

Edward-Kraken2892d ago

I'm sure everyone would rather embrace Kinect instead of Greenberg. :P

movements2892d ago

We'll wait and see what the sales have to say about that.

dangert122892d ago

MS: 'Japan has embraced Kinect'

Ok microsoft we all know that don't mean its going to sell i mean they've embraced the 360 aswell microsoft need to stop running there gums make xbox live worth the fee and i will come back dedicated servers exclusive indie games here and there offers on games ODM here and there show us what xbox live is capable of now you've killed it on the original xbox

CimmerianDrake2892d ago

Punctuation, it's not just for your school teacher anymore.

2892d ago
SL1M DADDY2892d ago

Or is it whenever MS knows they are sinking in the media attention they release Greenturd to spew something of sub-intelligence?

What a douche!

jellybalboa2892d ago

japan hasnt even embraced the 360 yet

Solid_Snakeps32892d ago

why are we force to see Greenberg's ugly mug??

Godmars2902892d ago

Because he's making a statement with obsoletely nothing to back it up?

Its his thing.

YoshiMeetsU2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

Godmars he is referring to Japanese developers and I think with all the new Kinect games announced from Japanese developers the proof is staring you right in your PS3 fanboy face.


Another MS untrue statements.

MS people also said ''hardly anyone plays first person shooters on the PC anymore''

YoshiMeetsU2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

He is referring to Japanese developers..

The product isn't even out yet so we have no idea how the consumer will embrace it.

Oh and get off Haunt's nut's because I seem to remember people going gaga over Sorcery which looks a lot like a Harry Potter cartoon game as well.

YoshiMeetsU2892d ago

Really? Don't list games?? Are you serious? The PS3 fanboy species eats, breathes and craps LISTS.. Usually lists of a bunch of crap that isn't announced and have no idea what it's about. How many times have I seen UC3 listed in the a-typical zealot list wars..

Please take your own advice.

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TOO PAWNED2892d ago

On famitsus youtube channel they had one 10 min Kinect video and probably 10 plus move videos, they sure have embraced it.

lonix2892d ago

Japan only wants this for rape games and sexual fantasies

Why o why2892d ago

show n prove MS cause people outside of Japan are still waiting. This guy is annoying. I remember when the dude was talking about all the devs that were developing for Natal....seems like they were indeed developing for it just not quite what WE imagined or wanted. Greenberg better hope that these 'ideas' actually translate into enjoyable worthwhile games as theres still question marks over the hardware and its limitations.

krisq2892d ago

Japan has NOT embraced X360.

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