Spartans VS Jedi: Who would win?

David Hutchison from Coregamer: So over the years there have been many discussions amongst friends about who is there favourite character, what kind character they like and ultimately arguments about who would win. So today I’ve decided to take 2 cool warriors from great sci-fi settings and put them against each other to find out who you think would win: Spartans from Halo or Jedi from Star Wars?

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RememberThe3572888d ago

Spartans are badass, but Jedi have the force.

MGRogue20172888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

.. So? Spartans have epic beards.. well most of 'em do! :D

... And big muscles. Jedis hide behind their lightsabers.. Can't fight with the fists like real men. :P

jozzah2888d ago

But the only reason that they can fight with their fists is because their augmented and could probably kill you with one punch.

Game-ur2887d ago

The Mandalorian Wars

nuff said

ChozenWoan2887d ago

Ohh you mean those Spartens... nm.

Nugundam00792887d ago

Jedi can fight with fists

Lightsaber2887d ago

Jedi have

Force Choke
Force Push
Jedi Mindtrick
Jedi Healing
Jedi Speed

Spartans Have

Roid Rage

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dangert122888d ago

I've never seen a spartan be able to do anything spectacular at CC range I reckon a Jedi would win as they can swing the light saber to deflect a host of bullets back at the spartan

Why o why2888d ago

its jedi all the way...epic beards get sizzled with light sabers heat

Halochampian2887d ago

are we going by spartans in the game or how they are seen in the books.

Because in the books they are monstrous. Fast killing machines that made Homer's gods look like children.

Give a spartan an Energy sword that would cut through anything and the Jedi wouldnt have a chance.

Ilikegames762888d ago

just use the Jedi mind trick and the Spartans will be killing each other in no time.

bobdog6262887d ago

Cortona is in Chiefs Mine and she would see through it.I think they would both kill each other because of the sticky bomb.The jedi has no Armor to Protect him against that so the fight would be a Draw

hakis862888d ago

Really? Jedi va Spartans?
Coem on, the Jedi could just stop every needlegun or rocket with the force... What a stupid discussion:P GEEKS! :P

TROLL EATER2888d ago

not sure bout spartan 3's though

avengers19782887d ago

Jedi, The force is strong.
Spartans, have gear, and armor, but nothing that can compare to the Force and a Lightsaber

EvilBlackCat2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )


Now this is a good one.

Superman vs Yoda or any other great Jedi Master? you know what....

Superman vs Yoda & Emperor Palpatine. How about that?

bobdog6262887d ago

I would say Yoda FTW.Magic and the Force are really the same.Lightsaber can not cut Superman but Jedi mine trick will work wonders on Superman leaving him helpless

avengers19782887d ago

@bobdog superman was trained by Martian Manhunter to protect his mind, and Martain Manhunter is one of the strongest telepaths in the DCU. Superman would destroy Yoda and Vader and Luke all at the same time.

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RedPawn2888d ago

Anyone who can warp & use lightning from their hands, is an instant stay away.

Max Power2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Isn't that a Sith and not Jedi? I'm not the most knowledgeable in Star Wars lore and if I am wrong let me know.

ndibu2888d ago

However it would be no competition. Force beats everything.

RedPawn2888d ago

I'd like to see a Spartan pull a (BIG ASS) spaceship to the ground, just by shear will.

No in all honestly when they do the next HALO game/s, I hope we get to see more planets w/ravenous creatures, and a darker tone.

Game-ur2887d ago

"I'd like to see a Jedi use his lightsabre to deflect an RPG"

Lighsabers are for beams, force push is for projectiles. It's obvious

crzyjackbauer2887d ago

depends what kind of jedi
in episode III most of them got pwned by a bunch of clones
lest see noble team take on a jedi

i think the only jedi that can deflect an RPG is starkiller
starkiller would pwn vader, luke and yoda at the same time

Valkyre2888d ago

most retarded comparison of the week?

yep... i think we have a winner here!

Lets do a similar one:

Who is faster? Usain Bolt or the Road Runner?

Please vote!

Mooshy_Muffin2888d ago

Come on, it's a Monday! Where's your sense of fun?

Kurt Russell2887d ago

Valkyre has hit the nail on the head ^^

Narutone662887d ago

to go with the Road Runner. It's going so fast that due to it's downward force it can run on the ceiling upside down.

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