Critical Gamer: Ni No Kuni DS hands-on impressions - TGS 10

Critical Gamer writes: If there were any doubts that the DS version of Ni No Kuni was going to be something special, they can safely be put to rest. Ni No Kuni has perhaps the most interesting and unique peripheral ever to be integral to playing a game; a spell book. This isn’t a digital representation tucked away in an item menu – this is a real, full-sized, beautifully designed actualisation of a spell book, with a glass gem imbedded into its hardcover. Everything about it is exceptionally well crafted from the thick, tan coloured pages to the exquisite monster designs in the bestiary. For those harbouring the impression that this is simply the finest, and at several hundred pages in length, longest instruction manual in history, that misconception can also be dismissed. The spell book is an integral part of the experience, and yet just one of many impressive facets that Ni No Kuni showed off at TGS this year.

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scruffy_bear2922d ago

Can't wait for Ni No Kuni, looks like level 5 have done it again

Jim Crikey2922d ago

DS? PS3? I don't care.

Me want!

scruffy_bear2922d ago

Total agree Ni No Kuni looks amazing

DemonStration2921d ago

Just when you think you've seen it all, a spell book...

coolfool2921d ago

I could tell the music for this games was Joe Hisaishi as soon as I heard it. It sounds very similar to the Princess Mononoke soundtrack.