Critical Gamer: Gun Loco Hands-on Impressions - TGS 10

Critical Gamer writes: Gun Loco is an Xbox 360 exclusive, third person shooter from Square-Enix. It’s set on a prison planet inhabited by a number of extremely disturbed individuals, where inmates entertain themselves by dressing up and massacring each other. The tone and appearance of the characters, along with the mix of humour and violence, initially reminded me of the Timsplitters series. However, a 15 minute hands on with the singleplayer campaign quickly tempered such comparisons.

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Jim Crikey2738d ago

This one's got a ways to go...

scruffy_bear2738d ago

Not looking good hope Square Enix fix the problems

Mutant-Spud2738d ago

It sounds a bit like The Club, fun for a couple of playthroughs but aggravating in the long term.

DemonStration2737d ago

Such a weird game to come from Square Enix. I guess that's the Eidos bit doing the talking?