Top 5 Tips For Halo Reach Multiplayer

Want to get better at Halo Reach online? Who doesn't? Follow our handy top 5 tips and improve your scores.

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MGRogue20172857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

... Yeah, I got one for ya.

Stalk/Camp & Backstab your enemies when they ain't looking, It's not hard to do at all lol, Especially in Halo games.

You'd might as well do it since everyone else is doing the same.

Kurt Russell2857d ago

Stalk/Camp and backstab only works against the shit players... I am assuming like yourself.

timmyrulz2857d ago

My tip is always go on the offensive and if your really shit, tag a partner and steal his/her kills :)

ECM0NEY2857d ago

Alien weapons do more damage to shields and human weapons do more damage to health

Giriath2857d ago

Mine is to stick together with your team. If you get killed in a team game, find and regroup with your team ASAP, and only spread out slightly to secure the power weapons.