Future Playstation hardware will be easier to develop for

Worldwide Studios boss, Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that with the design of future PlayStation hardware, Sony’s software developers will be getting much more say or input into the design obviously to facilitate for easier software development. Many developers in the past have made it known that developing for the PS3 is not always a easy task

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dangert122888d ago

I like to see games take advantage of hardware
but i also like the sense of improvement when i look at the newer games which is something that happend on the ps2 and is happening of recent years on the ps3
i like when you look at a game and you see all the new improvements etc the biggest plus side to this maybe no more crappy ports? well have to wait and see

TOO PAWNED2888d ago

It's great news folks. by next gen it won't really matter that much what specs console has, since it is going to be crazy powerful. So difference is going to be BUDGET and talent, basically like in movie industry. So sony will always push with their games. Making it easier for 3rd party who make 98% of software is really key importance.

nix2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

irrespective of how the games are going to look next gen.. it won't be laughed at like this time. the press, in general, learnt it the hard way. Uncharted, KZ2, Heavenly Sword are the games that were so looked down upon and never got the attention it should have got.

ironically, the press can't stop talking about GOW3, UC2, KZ3, LBP 1/2, GT5 to name few. no matter how much one ignores he/she can't ignore the quality of PS3 exclusive games.

zeeshan2888d ago

Looks like PS4 is well into development but I also believe that it'll be a long time before we see a PS4.

ConanOBrien2888d ago

Sony has learned, it's good knowing

TotalPS3Fanboy2888d ago

"...Worldwide Studios’ tech teams are part of the platform OS and tools development..."

Which also means faster implementation of firmware features.

I welcome that.

vsr2887d ago

Now developers are familiar with PowerPC Cell programming. Sony will slightly modify with 3-4 Cell + 4-8 GB ram with Full BC.

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RememberThe3572888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

In the short run it's great, but in the long run we may not see as much longevity graphically as we are seeing with the PS3.

Frankly what is easiest isn't always the best. If you looks at the new PS3 exclusives that come out every year, they consistently out do eachother. I believe that's because they find new ways to use the PS3s complicated architecture. If everything is right up front and not challenging I feel like devs aren't going to be pushing themselves as much. They'll find ways to make their engines run better, but they wont have these crazy loop holes that allow them to do things that seem impossible.

Kaz said in the past that the PS3 was made to be hard to develop for. And even though people gave him shit for that comment, I could completely understand it. We will be seeing PS3 games getting better and better graphically until they switch focus to the PS4. The same way we saw PS2 graphics getting better and better up until God of War 2.

I hope they make it easier for devs to do simple things (to keep costs down) but I also hope they keep the complexity so that we can see developers really push themselves along with the hardware as the years go on.

@danger: lol you read my mind.

EDIT: Awwww. Well it's good to read before you comment :)

"Not only do we give them input, but Worldwide Studios’ tech teams are part of the platform OS and tools development"

That is good. I jumped the gun and thought he was talking hardware. But if they're looking at tools for development then that is great.

On a side note, I read somewhere that Ken Kutaragi had made concept designs for future PlayStation consoles the man is brilliant.

dangert122888d ago

thats what i was trying to say bubbles and well you know great minds think alike lol

Traveler2888d ago

That's all fine and dandy, but I don't only play exclusives. I want to play 3rd party cross platform games too, and I want them to at least look and perform as good as they do on the competing consoles.

I don't really buy the idea that a console has to be hard to develop for in order for us to see improvements. Games on the 360 have continued to get better too, even though it was easier to develop for. Gears of War 3 and Halo Reach both look a lot better than previous games in those franchises. Developers will always find ways to improve things. I really don't believe that you have to make the console hard to work with in order to see improvements throughout the lifetime of the console.

In any case, I care about exclusives and cross platform games and I want them to both look great on my console of choice, so I am very happy that Sony is planning on making their next console more developer friendly. In the long run we will get better games all around, exclusives AND cross platform games.

RememberThe3572888d ago

I also want to see multiplatform games that can perform well, that's why I said this:
"I hope they make it easier for devs to do simple things (to keep costs down) but I also hope they keep the complexity so that we can see developers really push themselves along with the hardware as the years go on."

Obviously hardware is not the only factor of game development. But I do believe that complex hardware can aid in adding depth to game development over time.

Personally I don't think that the just between Gears 1 and Gears 3 is a big as the jump between the likes of Uncharted. And Halo 3 wasn't a very visually impressive game to begin with so the jump to Reach isn't based on what the hardware could do as much as it was what the developers wanted to do. I don't see those game as pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the 360 just showing up what it can do.

I mentioned to exclusives and an example, not as a rule.

I feel like there is a difference between pushing the hardware and showing what it can do.

Now, I'm not saying your wrong, just that I'm looking at it differently.

BrutallyBlunt2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

You can still have great technology and make it easy for developers to make games on. PC gaming has already surpassed what is possible on the Playstation 3, so to suggest having hardware that is hard to exploit is a good thing for a product with a certain shelf life is sort of counter-productive.

Home consoles don't have the luxury of adding key components over the years to keep up with current technology like PC's do. So it's best to make things as easy as possible so that developers can concentrate on making good games, not spending years trying to understand the hardware. If Sony offered better tools from the beginning maybe we wouldn't have suffered through so many inferior multi-platform games for example.

btk2887d ago

On Ken:
Making concept designs does not make you brilliant.
I think from Sony's point of view he messed up a bit. Take into consideration:
The Cell CPU and BR seems to be real positives about the PS3. What was on the downside was the graphics CPU. A year after XB360 it should have blown the XB360 out of the water - not struggling to keep up. Yes I know the Cell helps out - but Graphics chip vs Graphics chip - a year difference should have shown a *lot* of improvement.

The SixAxis has its uses. But Ken obviously chose the SixAxis over the Move concept. Clearly a huge mistake. If the PS3 launched with the Move controller (could have if Ken steered in that direction - the R&D was done) then the Wii would not have run away with the market.

Developer support. Ken clearly did not bring the devs into the loop - and when the PS3 launched the dev tools was late, inadequate and 3rd Party support was stolen away by MS and Nintendo. It was a long hard struggle to get it back - but it should not have happened in the first place.

Kaz will most likely go an easier route:
- Souped up Cell (easy)
- This time keep abreast of GPU development and have a chip that is not lagging by a year or more
- Close co-operation with game studios
- Good tools early on (easy - build on existing tools - heavy lifting is done)

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Traveler2888d ago

I am happy to hear this. I love my PS3 a lot, but one of the only things I wish is that 3rd party developers didn't have to struggle so much to make their games run well on it.

Ideally Sony's next console will be really powerful, but also easy to make games for. That will be the absolute best scenario. Just imagine, we could get all the awesome 1st part Sony exclusives, but we would also get more 3rd party games and they would look and run very well.

nsnsmj2887d ago

I hope they keep the cell though. Just make it more powerful if possible or add more than one cell if production costs become a lot cheaper by the time ps4 comes around. That way developers won't have to learn anything new and still have a powerful system. Oh yeah, and a waaaaay better gpu is also needed.

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Malice-Flare2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

consolidates development for all their platforms, not just the PS3 and next generation...

that way older games can be easily up-ported to new platforms. this is so that 3rd parties can upgrade their old games for digital distribution (PS1, PS2, PSP and PSP minis). this is my suggestion to deal with backward compatibility for older games...

also, i hope they don't completely abandon the cutting-edge tech. i can pay $399 for that...

Gue12888d ago

but what a about another 600 dollars (plus tax) console?

showtimefolks2888d ago

if they go again with 10 year cycle i would be willing to pay for that you get what you pay for in life

and ps3 is an great example of that

but my gut feeling is ps4 will be 399-499 at the most it will use the latest bluray atleast 500gb but by than 1tb would do the game the latest wifi netwrok

and we have ourself a ps4 i just can not waite to see what IBM will do for ps4/xbox720

Thecraft19892888d ago

another $600 console that can play the latest movie meida free online ect or another console that has rrod e74 PBOD ect yeah I know what I would pick.

Malice-Flare2888d ago

but i demand PS1,PS2,PSP,PS3,PSP2 BC for that price. with usb 3.0, 3.5"HDD support, BD-XL and a CPU-GPU-memory combo capable of getting 120 fps @ QSXGA resolution...


Baka-akaB2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

after the flak the ps3 had in the beginning ... i dont see Sony launching a console as expensive next time , even if in the long run it worked great .

Plus it's not as if nintendo consoles will forever remain weak in raw power (as seen with the 3ds) , nor future microsoft consoles necessarily riddled by hardware failures . so the argument that they propose one of the most reliable hardware with the most features , might not be that true a second time .

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btk2887d ago

Lot of the cutting edge was done. The PS4 has easier route than the other consoles because of Cell.
- New gen Cell, more SPE and SPU's
- Latest spec BR drive
- Up to date NVidia GPU on release
- More RAM (XDR)
- Move V2
- And this time around 2 or 3 x HDMI ports for multi screens (Would love GT6 with panorama view)

Lot less R&D this time around. MS will have to change CPU's this time around.

PirateThom2888d ago

Just find out what Polyphony Digital need to make the GT5 renders in game and make that the PS4.

The-prophet2888d ago

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maybe they will make a at least one decent game for ps3 now.

_____________________________ _______________________________ _______________________
But no cigar

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