Good Old Games to release statement "in next two days"

Good Old Games is set to make an official announcement regarding the events of this weekend in the next two days, BeefJack has learned.

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MGRogue20172773d ago

... I look forward to said statement.

/end response

Red_Orange_Juice2773d ago

te rumor says, Valve is buying GOG

Simco8762773d ago

Just go to

Problem solved

Blacktric2773d ago

Stupid a**holes leaving tons of gamers with d*cks in their hand. Bought approximately 20-30 dollars worth of stuff from there including Fallout 1+2 and Stronghold. Now they're going to give me "one" chance to download them and disappear? Well thank you CD Projeckt for not being able to show some respect to your customers. Not gonna buy anything CD Projeckt related from now on.