Critical Gamer: Halo: Reach review

Critical Gamer writes: Starting up Halo: Reach, it’s easy to get lost in its sea of features. From a substantial campaign mode with online co-op, to Firefight mode, competitive multiplayer, and a robust suite of tools for creating your own maps and gametypes, Bungie’s final Halo game is absolutely brimming with content. That it’s all incredibly polished and worthwhile makes it quite this year’s must-play first-person shooter.

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Jim Crikey2773d ago

Brilliantly written review... but is it really a 10/10 title?

scruffy_bear2773d ago

It's Halo the gameplay is always a ten for me

Gamesauce2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Great review! You guys clearly did your best to get as much information in their as physically possible in a 600 word review :D.