Video games ARE good for the mind

Nicki Ford from Coregamer: The argument, a long battled one – Do video games perish the mind? Sometimes, though, video games cause more health troubles than benefits. People who spend too much time sitting while playing video games don't get enough exercise. Lack of exercise can play a role in many health problems, including becoming overweight or obese, not to mention driving non gaming family members crazy.

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dangert122923d ago

Before this Gen I never took notice in the realism in video games,Thats why i could't play games like splinter cell last Gen i just used to run through like i was untouchable and die thinking wtf this game is so shit =') and puzzles i never seen them as puzzles that excerise the mind and make the game more chellenging it used to be like wtf this is hard why they put this in the game i want to have fun LOL but know i've started watching cut scenes and getting into games properly thinking about the puzzles games have became more fun for me