The Current Trend Of “Other” Games


I’ll just come right out and say it. I love this recent trend of game publishers taking one of the usual “hallowed” franchises, complete with a rabid fanbase, laying their blueprints out on a large conference table and going, “Hmm. How can we give this a solid kick in the rear?”

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RememberThe3572855d ago

I think the new DMC game is going to be great. I really think that Ninja Theory wants to tell a story about Dante's youth. But I also want what I loved about Dante to stay intact and I really don't think that is going to happen.

We already know Dante as a young man, DMC3 showed that. Now they are showing him as a younger man and we're supposed to believe he's a emo asshole type? I don't buy it.

When I looked at that character I didn't see Dante, I saw someone else. I saw the kind of rebel teen you see on BBC and want to punch straight in the face.

I don't like the angst teen rebel attitude. It bothers me personally.

To the article directly: The examples of Ninja Gaiden and God of War aren't the same at all. NG is not getting a new version of the old character, they're taking a deeper look at him. And God of War never reivented what it has been oing all along it just kept doing it better with every installment. Again, not the same.

I also don't think it takes a traumatic even to make someone cool. I don't know where the author got that from.

Again, I really do believe the game will be great. I just don't like the direction I see Ninja Theory's Dante going.