GRTV: Gran Turismo 5 gameplay

GRTV writes: "Looking forward to Gran Turismo 5? Here's some fresh gameplay, caught on the TGS showfloor."

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MGRogue20172711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )


*falls back & nearly faints*... Holy.. omg! ... OMGAWD!!!

Somebody help me up.. Please

ConanOBrien2711d ago's just a good game

When u feel better please call your doc back

gaming in reality =/= reality in gaming

yewles12710d ago

You're definitely EBC's dup account. XD

jjohan352710d ago

I always felt that if they wanted to make this more realistic/sim, they'd at least remove the third person view from the more difficult/realistic settings. It's much easier to race in a racing sim with a third person view.

stonecold12711d ago

makes forza look like an arcade racer

LordStig2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

because of that stupid re-wind feature.

squelchy152710d ago

You don't HAVE to use that you know?

And if that makes Forza an arcade, then that must make previous GT games arcade coz you can use a wall to take a corner?

LordStig2710d ago

but you can't turn it off either, and when your into the last lap of 32 and you botch up the last corner and get over taken. Yea your gonna use it.

Boody-Bandit2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

We (that have Forza 3) have ALL used it.
Be honest. Am I right?

I was thinking this very same thing this past week while I was playing Forza 3 and thinking about GT5's arrival. I have to cut down and possibly stop relying on rewind altogether. Especially in endurance races. I am 88% done with the event list in Forza 3 and I want to wrap things up before GT5 hits because I know I wont play F3 for quite a while after GT5 hits.

"And if that makes Forza an arcade, then that must make previous GT games arcade coz you can use a wall to take a corner?"

Sometimes I use cars in Forza 3 to take corners better in later laps in races. I don't plow into them but I use them if I didn't apex properly to help me turn. I hate paying the pentalty in damage cost at the end of the race but I rather do that than use rewind.

We can sit here and bicker back and forth about F3 vs GT5 all day long. Neither of them are perfect, but if you were to ask me, a die hard video game racing fan, if I could only choose one racing game to play on a gaming console? I would say the Gran Turismo series without pause, thought or hesitation.

GT clearly offers the most depth, diversity and variety of any racer on a gaming console bar none.

EvilBlackCat2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

You are going to get really disappointed with GT5.

Only ignorants call GT series a real sim.

Graphics = The main attraction.

The main attraction a distraction.

Redrum0592710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

@evilblckcat and n4ps3fanboys

so turn10 (a dev team that has mainly done arcade racers for many years "PGR") can do a better job of creating a sim when they have barely started this gen (around 5years ago).

it is you guys that are gonna be disapointed when this game comes out. cu it seems like you uys wont buy it.

"Only ignorants call gt5 a sim"
so i guess real life car enthusiests and real life race car drivers are ignorant and u are the smart one.

N4PS3Fanboys2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

An arcade racer with a 92 Metascore? The highest rated arcade racer, or any racer for that matter, of this generation?

rockleex2709d ago

Whether the game is a sim or arcade racer. -_-"

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xYLeinen2710d ago

Don't people know how to break before a turn? I've seen a couple of GT5 videos these last months and it seems no one knows what to do before a turn >_>

Would you drive in max speed right before a turn and not break in real life? I don't think so :p

nickjkl2710d ago

i know this guy needs to learn some braking if youre not gonna brake at least learn how to let go of the petal and get to the right speed to at least powerslide drift turn the corner

squelchy152710d ago

It looked pretty bad when he crashed into the car at the start...If those are premium cars..where was the damage on the AI car?

Not trolling, just stating the obvious and i'm still getting it.

Venatus-Deus2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Damage can be turned off.

*checks previous comments*

Ahhhh you were trolling. Calling people 'Ps3 fantards' in other articles kind of shows your true colors.

MaximusPrime2710d ago

damage or not, GT5 is still a king of racing simulator.

cygnuszero2710d ago

How can you be king with a cheap damage system and flat trees? Mindless drones you people are.

CernaML2710d ago

Oh sure, a "cheap" damage system and flat trees completely outweigh a massive collection of cars, tracks from all over the world, WRC, NASCAR, day to night transitions, weather, track editor, and still many more features than even halo reach might possibly have. GT IS the king of racing simulators. Deal with it. Go outside and look at trees if that's what you really care about you fucking tree hugger.

rockleex2709d ago

I agree that Forza 3 has fake damage and 2D sprite trees.

You can clearly see near the end of the video the damage models and textures being replaced, instead of generated on the spot.

There goes the 2D trees in Forza 3.

Akagi2710d ago (Edited 2710d ago )

Holy crap, listen to the roar of the car...


Too bad the guy can't drive.

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