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Videogamer: "It's been a good year for the PSP, especially for quirky RPG affairs such as this. I was ready to dismiss Birth by Sleep as being just another spin-off; a quick cash in on the Kingdom Hearts name, but I'm happy to have been proved wrong. In many ways, it actually outshines its console counterparts. Bar a few niggling control issues, the battle system could well be the best in the series yet, and at times I actually felt it looked better than its PS2 cousins. For those still enduring the long and painful road to KH3, Birth by Sleep is a fantastic stop along the way."

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NeoKnight2890d ago

It really is a fantastic game :D

IrishYamato2890d ago

If you dont own this game already, GET IT. Best KH and best PSP game ever and i dont expect that to change in the current PSP's lifetime.