Best Video Game Vehicles

Go! "Video game vehicles always seem so much cooler than normal ones, and they really should be cool since no hero is going to be caught dead in a Ford Pinto. These “rides” that game characters show off can range from average (with cool looks) to futuristic. And that’s all a part of being a hero: having a vehicle to back up your personality. G3 checks out some of the coolest “rides” in video games, starting off with “old reliable” and ending off with a ship that could give the Millennium Falcon a Kessel run for its money."

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Murgatroyd72925d ago

Psht, nothing's cooler than the Zomboni!

omicron0092925d ago

GTA has some fun vehicles also

Lediard2925d ago

Warthog beats any vehicle in any game, hands down. My fanaticism against yours!