95 Gran Turismo 5 TGS 2010 Screenshots at 18 Megapixels

GT Planet writes: "In what has become a tradition of sorts, I’m very excited to be able to share with you Polyphony Digital’s complete collection of GT5 screenshots released from last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2010: 95 images at full resolution in 18 megapixels."

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Ilikegames762888d ago

for my desktop. The Citroen screen shots are amazing!

ConanOBrien2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

it was the actual gameplay resolution.


DigitalAnalog2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )


Wait, what???


El_Colombiano2888d ago

I wonder how they render these at such high resolutions.

buffig2888d ago

I think they're taken in the photo mode of the game. Anti aliasing is increased and post processing is added such as motion blur and depth of field.

IHateYouFanboys2888d ago

Correct. They also use higher LOD models.

Essentially, they're bullshots. Not representative of in-game graphics.

RememberThe3572888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Well this is:

And watch it in 720, it's beautiful.

Redempteur2888d ago

they are not bullshots because they are from the game itself .

bullshot are when they are corrected after the rendering from the game ..

besides it's from a mode meant to take pictures , so of course it's better ..kinda how you can do a lot of stuff with the photo mode of wipeout HD

IHateYouFanboys2887d ago

I said they are ESSENTIALLY bullshots. Yes, they come from the game - but so does FMV - and you don't post an fmv video and say its screenshot.

The FACT is that when you actually play the game, it looks nothing like this. Photo mode will look MORE like this, but it will actually only look this good on your pc when you have exported the pics to it.

In-game looks NOTHING like this. That to me is akin to posting a bullshot. If it's not 100% in-game, it's a bullshot in my opinion - forza 3s replay mode included.

Redempteur2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

FMV are FMV they aren't created by the game ..totally different from a generated picture from the game ..

Since the game itself générated those and they are availble in a mode selection of said game's not a bullshot

Deputydon2887d ago

Thank you so much. I've never seen that video, but it confirmed for me that Snow racing was back!!

The Rally dirt and snow races where my favorite races in GT4.

IRetrouk2887d ago

theres no extra level of detail added, thats the level of details the cars have in game, have you played gt5p?

IHateYouFanboys2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

@IRetrouk: "theres no extra level of detail added, thats the level of details the cars have in game, have you played gt5p?"

100% incorrect, and you will see this when the game comes out. yes, i have played GT5:P, and no, it looks nothing like the videos/screenshots released of GT5:P before it was released either. what it all boils down to is what you actually see when controlling the car - and this is what GT5:P looks like in-game:

not this:
not this:
not this:

these were all officially released "screenshots" of GT5:P. they are NOT indicative of what it actually looks like when you play the game. again, this is what it ACTUALLY looks like when you play it:

Gran Turismo has ALWAYS had 2 different LOD models, its nothing new. they have the ultra high detail models that they use in replay/photo mode, and on the car selection screens. then they have the regular 'in-game' model that you actually control when driving.

have you ever wondered why they drop the framerate to 30fps in replays? its not just so they can add the post-processing effects - its because the console wouldnt be able to run the game at 60fps with the ultra high LOD cars.

Forza does the same thing, just like many action/adventure games do the same for 'in-engine cutscenes'. Uncharted 2 does it, Alan Wake does it too. again, its nothing new. its been done for years, and it will be done for many years to come.

IRetrouk2886d ago

ummm the reason i said about gt is because upto now its the best looking racing game, now your comparing gt5p to gt5 which has a diffrent graphics engine running it, go look at the in game vids with the rain, simply gobsmacking, you cant compare the two and then say thats proff that gt5 dosnt look that good when it clearly does, im buying regardless of your bitching and on top of that its the sig edd im getting so there( blows rasberry)

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I don't get it too... GT is 1080p if I remember correct, but even so a 1920x1080 resolution means something a bit over 2 million pixels, not 18.

Oh well, good for me anyway, wallpaper! :)

Sarcasm2888d ago

1920x1200 is 2.3 megapixels.

So 18 megapixels is actually roughly 15000x9600 resolution...

Also, GT5P has been found to be 1280x1080 resolution. GT5 could probably be the same.

Still doesn't change the fact that GT5 will have the best graphics for a racing game ever seen. Definitive.


Yeah I know, I just named 1920x1080 because that's standard 16x9 widescream 1080p, I would believe it's the top resolution for GT5 engine, but looks like I'm wrong! LOL.

Obviously those are show only shots, not gameplay (except maybe by that with the cars racing, it's filesize is way smaller than the others) and their engine should be running under dev PC or something just to capture this images but still... Their engine apparently can support almost 9 times the standard FullHD resolution to take some photos.

I'm just impressed.

kasasensei2888d ago

Severals ps3 in cluster.

MGRogue20172888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

*faints after looking at just ONE screenshot*


It's the reverse uncanny valley effect. You looked at those screenshots and everything out of your monitor just looked so almost real that you fainted. :)

stonecold12888d ago

everytime i see this game it make my eye bleed it looks so real its better rhan real life

The_Quiet_Man2888d ago

Man, the wait for this game as release date approaches makes me feel like a kid waiting for Xmas. That Citroen looks class. I think it's in GT5 prologue aswell (the Citroen concept car) it looks pretty similar. I think I'll copy & paste that pic, yoink.

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