Hideo Kojima To Reveal His Next Game AT TGS 2011?

According to a comment made from Hideo Kojima on his official Twitter account it may look like the Metal Gear Solid creator wants to reveal his next game sometime next year.

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nix2922d ago

well.. time better fly faster then.

vsr2922d ago

MGS 5 on FullHD 1080p @ 120fps @ 3D on PS3. because he did a portable MGS 3D game on 3DS.

MattyF2922d ago

Better be ZOE3. We have waited long enough for that game and if we need to wait another yr before we see his next title it should be that game.

KingKiff2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I still don't understand the following (cult like might I add) for the ZOE series.

I played 1 & 2 and finished them both in the one sitting.

yeah the story was OK i suppose, but the game play was the same, fly here shoot this, repeat.

Just my 2 cents anyway, I would much prefer another MGS game or a new IP from Kojima.

rekof2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

and I don't even like japanese Mecha-robot shiet,.. Gameplay is just so fucking great ! Pure crack fun,.. I love ZOE so much,.. please uprez zoe1 and 2 and put it on blu-ray,..

timmyrulz2922d ago

Agreed, ZOE was ok but nothing special to warrant another version

ShadyDevil2922d ago

another kojima article? plus why does he keep pushin it back

eX-GREED2922d ago

I'll wait. If Kojima's involved it'll be great. Therefore, I'm looking forward to CLOS.

golsilva2922d ago

i dont know. if it is really a tgs 2011 reveal then why would he tease a new game if its still a year away from just announcing it. it creates more media attention and more possible leaks on revealing the game. if there is such a game, then maybe a e3 2011 reveal? plus i hope he takes a break from mgs.

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The story is too old to be commented.