PlayStation Move Teardown

iFixit: Sony has finally stepped up to the motion controlled video gaming stage, where the Nintendo Wii has sat alone since 2006.

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Electronicpart2920d ago

the catalog say that you can change the battery
I hope that I don't have to

Windex2920d ago

just plug in the usb like u do with DS

ConanOBrien2920d ago

that means kinect is more green or eco-friendly, rite?


kharma452920d ago

It has a finite charging lifespan though. Would be cheaper to replace the battery itself than buy a brand new controller.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Yeap, an appropriate Next Gen Motion Gaming.

PlayerX2920d ago

All you do is ride Sony all day.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

And that is why you created another multiple troll account to insult people?

PlayerX2920d ago

Lol keep telling yourself that this is someones alt.

darkdoom30002920d ago

read the comment under that one. It actually says TRIPOD XD

RankFTW2920d ago

IPOD!!!! Oh TRIPOD, phew.

MGRogue20172920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Great technology.. Simply a technical masterpiece from the geniuses at Sony Computer Entertainment America & Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

'nuff said.

(could have just said Sony.. But I felt that their full titles needed to be mentioned here, give 'em full credit, you know?) :)


And that is the Tech being developed after 10 years.

Neckbear2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

...And they didn't used that time and budget to develop good games instead.

Also, kinda funny they're releasing it now to jump over the Wii bandwagon.


Yes, somewhat. Think about the games. We all love games.


No, there are no good games. Just normal games with tacked-on motion controllers, budget that could go into you know, making the game better instead. And those games that ARE developed for Move alone are waggling casual games that look like they were taken straight off the Wii's library.

Move is the very definition of a gimmick.

Also, just because I've decided to make an account to reply to you, it means I'm a troll? When, I believe, I'm making good points off the Move.

Or what, you feel the need to call anyone a troll because they dislike your opinion and state what they think about a product that only some silly fanboys defend?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Ooohh, and it hurts you? =(.

Because it have good games in develop for Move.

Typical new Troll Account, is worthless to talk to this type of trolls.


If you don't own Move then you don't know what your talking about. It's sold out everywhere and even Wii fans that bought one for there PS3's are forgetting their Wii's. I don't think your a troll I think you just haven't had the pleasure of joining the Move nation.

btk2920d ago

Make things as simple as possible... but not simpler...

Why 10 years? Because of the above. As simple as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Look at the Wiimote - too simple - so it is not very accurate. So - good for the low cost casual market.

Look at Kinect - too complicated - so it lags, has quirks, and gets in its own way with the tech. Good for very little but tech demos.

Look at Move - right balance. Fast, accurate, Simple. Works. Good for higher end casual market and hardcore games.

Neckbear2920d ago

No, I do not own a Move. Simply because I decided to use that cash on something else, since Move doesn't has enough strong software yet. It might get better in the future, sure, it IS still a simple gimmick- not required to play games, does not improves the experience in any way- it's simply a gimmicky controller, just like how the Wiimote was, and how Kinect will be as well.


While I agree Move is pretty accurate, for what has been shown, might I ask...that cash wasted on simple motion controllers, why wasn't it used, say, in making Suikoden VI instead? (Of course, I'm just saying than Sony could get a deal.) Not even Suikoden, but what about any idea, for any game, that could've end up being awesome?

Yes, it's a gimmick over a few cool games that could have been done instead. Wich is my point.

DigitalRaptor2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Sony have enough to control without catering to your niche tastes.

Even with the development of Move, which has been done by a completely different department within SCE to games development, Sony has managed to put together a huge roster of exclusive games and other great content, which makes it arguably the best console on the market to own right now and going into 2011.

Suidoken IV? How do you know Sony would consider that game even if PS Move had not been developed?

Think of Sony as a company with a positive agenda, rather than one that caters to your selfish needs.

And gimmick? If it works solidly and will be getting some great content then how is it a gimmick? Your negative perception of motion control being gimmicky stems from how Nintendo handled the Wii, the quality of its controller and the content they provided.

Sony are taking a better approach and using something that works solidly for a wide variety of content. It's for everyone and anyone.

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btk2920d ago

No it is not a gimmick
It is great for playing games that is suited to motion controls.
Played the Tiger Woods demo, Sports Champions and the other games on the disk.

Suikoden VI? Hey the market is bigger than just you.

Rainstorm812920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

They wish the orbs was made of glass and not rubber vinyl? WHY?

I want these controllers to be as durable as possible....can you imagine how many broken move controllers there would be with glass orbs????

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