IGN: 10 Fresh Ideas Saving Gaming

A counterpoint to our 'Stale Ideas' feature. Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!

It's not all doom and gloom, you know – there's a lot to love and be proud of within our favoured pastime. As something of a counterpoint to our '10 Stale Ideas Holding Back Gaming' feature.

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knifefight2922d ago

I don't think gaming is in much trouble. They're selling like hotcakes, people are constantly raving about how New Game X is "the best ever," and when things change too drastically, it invokes an onslaught of complaints. New ideas are always nice, but I think a need to "save gaming" is a bit overblown.

SanMarco2922d ago

Yeah, Games are huge, just look at 2011. Amazing! just Amazing!

JimmyPage2922d ago

Did Onlive Launch Yet or What?

MisterNine2922d ago

Yes, someone please come save the gaming industry from the billions of dollars it makes each year. Someone please come save people like Bobby Kotick from their absurdly bloated annual salaries. Someone please come save Modern Warfare 2 from making over $310 million dollars in sales revenue within 24 hours of launch.