MMGN: Batman The Brave And The Bold Review

Batman is no stranger to video games and from the mid 1980’s has featured in over 20 individual games over just about every game platform imaginable. Unfortunately, a lot of big name franchises such as Batman rarely live up to expectations, and only a handful of Batman games have been worthy of mentioning. Interestingly, two of the most successful ones are recent - LEGO Batman: The Videogame and Batman: Arkham Asylum. While the superb 'Arkham Asylum’ is a tough act to follow, we take the new cartoon-based title Batman: The Brave And The Bold - The Videogame out of the Batcave and onto the Wii to see how it fares.

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ICC_062803d ago

It's hard to go back to the more cartoony styles after Arkham Asylum.

CatGlue2803d ago

Lol totally, this is a different genre i think thou. Pretty fun :)

Gaetano2803d ago

I really like the cartoon series and I've heard good things about this. Thanks!

kk13872803d ago

I love the look of the stylised visuals.

Jeannius2803d ago

omg this brings me back to the goldenaxe and Streets of Rage days, I love these beat-em ups and it's Batman too, even better!

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