Examiner: Space Invaders Infinity Gene Review

Examiner: Many, many older gamers recall the feeling of playing Space Invaders for the first time, be they of the old-school when Space Invaders was the state of the art, or be they the newer class of gamers. More to the point, Space Invaders has touched culture on a number of levels. The Space Invader aliens are as recognizable as Mario, in many cases. On either side of the experience, Space Invaders, while fun, didn't have a lot in the way of variety. Taito has graced the world with a rerelease of Space Invaders with one interesting change: Each wave is different.

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Cajun Chicken2888d ago

Man, you beat me to it. I can't believe that this isn't garnering attention yet. By far one of the best digital download games this year.

kanedaakira2887d ago

Come on guys - buy this game !