Monster Hunter x Metal Gear Solid: Closer Look

Andriasang: Just in case your interest wasn't perked when Konami and Capcom announced the next phase in their unlikely Monster Hunter and Metal Gear Solid collaboration, check out this official artwork that popped up at the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd official site yesterday.

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Nitrowolf22924d ago

but capcom
give ps3 an HD MH game

Barbapapa2923d ago

the ps3 had MH as an exclusive a few years ago, now its the only system without it. damn you capcom!!! at least put infrastructure mode on MHP3.

stonecold32924d ago

to see monster hunter come to the ps3 it needs to come out on ps3 please capcom .could someone please give me an bubble

Quagmire2923d ago

Capcom has a LOT to give back to gamers after gimp-tastic games like Lost Planet, Dark Void and Bionic Commando 3D.

A Dino Crisis and Monster Hunter PS3 game is HEAVILY needed.


You forgot Onimusha, I totally need an Onimusha 5.

I don't even care if those 3 games would be PS3 exclusives, they could as well be multiplat, but Capcom seriously need to release ONE, at least ONE, great game this gen.

As you said, LP1 and 2, DV and BC all bombed. DR2 don't even look as promising as the 1st. DR1, DMC4, RE5 and SFIV weren't that good too. Also Mega Man 9 and 10 have to be the worst craps I had seen this gen, I'm cool with retro gameplay and even looks, but what were they thinking when they choosed to use old crap NES-like sprites? They just announced DmC which is aimed at Twilight fans... And let's not forget the locked-on-the-disc-DLC fiasco.

Capcom isn't even a shadow of what it once was.

newhumanbreed2923d ago

DR1 and SSFIV were good. Hopefully DR2 lives up to the first and does it better.

2923d ago
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