TGS: Tokyo Game Show Best in Show

IGN writes: The Tokyo Game Show has come and gone, and it's time to sit back, drink sake and reflect on what we've seen.

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aceitman2804d ago

y is the best of show in the 360 section of ign

niceguywii602804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

No it's because the game has been getting buzz since it was shown and people are liking it. Did you watch any of TGS? The Japanese are buzzing over Kinect probably why N4G has had little articles of the event yet it was being reported as being the biggest TGS in history by the Japanese gaming world. Anyways child of eden/Kinect is Minority Report so I'm not surprised.

zootang2804d ago

Child of Eden will come to PlayStation like most multi-platform titles, with better (actual) controls and the bugs worked out. Just have to wait a little longer that's all.

Christopher2804d ago

Uh... Japanese aren't buzzing over Kinect. Majority of articles from Japan were on games that use the standard controller and match the typical type of games that Japanese buy.

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WildArmed2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

God I can't even stand watching people play that.. or listen to it's horrible soundtrack..
Note: Ubisoft's E3 gave me a headache coz they started off w/ CoE.
but i guess that's just me.

The highlight of TGS for me was..... Dark Project.. (yes i'mma DS fan, bite me!)

Or maybe the DMC reboot... it was just all SHOCK and no AWE.

Game-ur2804d ago

That was a shock, what's wrong with IGN? Is it all about business for them now?

They either sold-out or don’t get the appeal of the series.

despair2804d ago

child of eden is certainly unique in its visual style and definitely an interesting title. But it is basically a very simple rail shooter with some motion manipulation and an interesting soundtrack. I don't get why it would be game of the show.

chazjamie2804d ago

its ign. they looking forward to dance central. ign is like the pop version of

Katana Yamato2804d ago

Castlevania Lords of Shadow had the best trailer. DmC's trailer was so vague and mysterious that it was barely a trailer at all going at around 2 minutes. It was more a teaser.

Though the DmC debut is more like a WTF shocker then cool story.

stonecold12804d ago

the tokyo game show and the last guardian and ffvs 13 stole the show

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