9 reasons why you should care about Duke Nukem Forever

The impossible has happened. Duke Nukem Forever, the long-standing joke of the videogaming industry, is actually coming out. Granted, we've still just got a vague "oh it'll be out next year sometime, maybe" release date, but at least it's actually playable now. Even if it is mostly just a tech demo showcasing a boss battle based on one in Duke Nukem 3D. Still, it's the Duke! And he's actually got a new FPS coming out soon! Probably!

But many people won't give a toss. Why should they care about a sequel to a game that was already dated when it was released? A game twelve years late? Every single Valve game and all three Playstations have been released since Forever was announced. So, why should you care about Duke Nukem Forever?

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Vegeta90002889d ago

The reason why I care about it = Nostalgia

The reason I still won't buy it = Comes out the same month as Killzone 3 (DNF's Feb 1st date is probably a placeholder but still).

RememberThe3572889d ago

Good points. Hopefully they push it back.

Hell, I'll probably just rent it anyway...

theKiller2889d ago

thats it!! nothing will change my mind except my mind!!!

i have certain expectations for any game, if they dont meet then nothing will change my mind!!

WildArmed2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"I've got ballz of Steel!" - Duke.

Seriously though, I've had more laughs from this game (whether it be youtube videos or playing it w/ a friend), I can't wait to play DNF. Though I won't buy it day 1, I'll grab it by his balls of steel post launch.

alphakennybody2889d ago

My excit-o-meter for this game is around hmmm... to hmmm...

AKA2889d ago

Because i care about Killzone now .

Duke Nuken was like a old g/f i on't care about here know my new g/f Killzone i care and i love her .

pimpmaster2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

killzone...honestly? the way you say it you make it seem like killzone was actually a good game.

Kurt Russell2889d ago

Sod HOW he said it... what gets me is someone nerdy enough to compare a video game with a women. Hahahaha.

YoungKingDoran2888d ago

lol. so tell us what killzone gets up to in the bedroom.

IrishYamato2889d ago

When they announced this game i almost fainted with excitement. But now that a few weeks have past, i feel a little different about it, i mean can a proper Duke Nukem game be done these days?. Duke games were made when games were VERY different. I think that they ruined this franchise by not releasing games for so long and i think that most of its fans have either stopped playing games or they just dont care anymore.

Mr Exclusive2889d ago

Even if this gets a 70meta i'm still buying it due to the nostalgia factor.

Kurt Russell2889d ago

£40 release day - £15 bargain bucket in under 2 months... blatant.

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The story is too old to be commented.