Gamrreview: Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland Review

Fans of Gust’s previous games know that they emphasize item creation more than most other JRPG series but I was surprised how much it was at the forefront of Atelier Rorona. I would even say that those who buy this game hoping for a stereotypical JRPG experience are going to be disappointed, but before you throw the disc out a window just give it a chance. While you won’t be saving the world or fighting tyranny, there’s a certain charm in collecting materials and item creation that mostly makes up for the lack of meaningful storyline.

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Duke_Silver2768d ago

I loved a few of the older games, had no idea this got licensed already

bmw692768d ago

Really love the art style on this one...

Rubang2768d ago

I still don't get why you're fighting wolves in the forest half the time.