Lens of Truth - Head2Head: Halo 3 – Halo: Reach Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Although the title says Head2Head we would like to think of this as more of a “mini” Evolution showing the graphical differences between Bungie’s Halo 3 (released in the later part of 2007) and their newest entry Halo: Reach. We are all huge fans of this great series and this Head2Head is not to say which game is better, but to enjoy the graphics and effects of each. We happen to love both of these fantastic games equally. This is for the fans of both games to enjoy."

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RudeSole Devil2887d ago ShowReplies(6)
Shogun Master2887d ago

Nice! Reach looks better in just about every way.

stealyrface2887d ago

Just beat the game and the final fight was awesome.

ArthurLee2887d ago

Definitely the most intense battles of the series.

NnT32912887d ago

I died a lot although I played on normal. I hate the Grunt so much, they always sneak behind your back and throw sticky grenades

pr0digyZA2887d ago

Just beat it on heroic I wanted to punch the screen it was so ridiculous. The guys with the green rocket are the worst creation ever one shot dead.

Shogun Master2887d ago

Just beat it on heroic as well. I can't imagine how tough this game will be on game on Legendary!

Arnon2887d ago

About to finish it on Legendary solo. The only way I've found to beat it on such a mode is to retreat half the time.

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Joe Bomb2887d ago

yeah Reach does look a little better but Halo 3 can definitely still hold its own. 3 is a great game.

stealyrface2887d ago

Way better look at the roll-over image with the rock.

ELite_Ghost2887d ago

well the water effects were better on halo 3 but that's about it

el zorro2887d ago

It looks quite a bit better. You notice it a lot more when you actually have the game running on your HDTV.

peowpeow2887d ago

Fuck the motion blur is very well done, usually it's done the easy way by making everything on-screen blur. That pic of the mini explosion looks nice

Chuk52887d ago

You've doomed us all. Espicially with the 1st comment.

RudeSole Devil2887d ago

Whats the problem with the first comment?

A Cupcake for Gabe2887d ago

It's a lie and an opinion. And Crysis on a ragingly powerful PC is the current champ followed by Killzone 2.

lastdual2887d ago

@A Cupcake for Gabe: "It's a lie and an opinion."

Hehe, it's got to be one or the other, not both :)

Anyway, I get what you're saying, but at least the 1st comment didn't make any negative statements about competing shooters or consoles, something that happens all too frequently among the less mature members here.

el zorro2887d ago

@ A Cupcake for Gabe

He said it looks better than Halo 3 in just about every way, which it does. He didn't say anything about how it looks compared to other games. So quit getting your panties in a bunch.

Soul Train2887d ago

I agree with you chuk5 but if your speaking of the "PS3 only" people, they shouldn't even be looking at this.

cooperdnizzle2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Now 360 fanboys are telling us what we can't look at? When will the madness end? And grow up dude i own all consoles going back to the nes! 64 and ps3 are the best consoles! I have had 4 360's break on me! That sounds like an American product to me! And my 360 is just for gear's and mass effect! Even though mass effect on my pc destroys the 360 version. But hey you guys have two good games! Me i play everything! True gamer!

Halochampian2887d ago


if a true gamer sounds like you, then god have mercy on all of us

el zorro2887d ago

@ cooperdnizzle

Judging by the fact that you assumed he was talking about you and by the stuff you wrote in your comment it's sounds like you are exactly the kind of person he was talking about.

Sea_Man2887d ago Show
Chuk52887d ago

Im saying the first comment is an open invitation for a flame war. I'm in the 360 camp.

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Sea_Man2887d ago

But wait a second!!! I though the Lens Of Truth was a PS3 fan-boy site... But they put together 2 articles for an Xbox 360 exclusive!!!

Oh yeah Reach looks amazing!!

MGRogue20172887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

No, my dear boy.. Lens of Truth only tell nothing but the truth.. Understand these words. :)

Soul Train2887d ago

I don't know how they can be considered a PS3 fanboy site, the 360 has won their head2heads 37 times to the PS3's 13. People are crazy!

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