MMGN: Halo Reach Review

Halo: Reach is undoubtedly the best game in a wonderful series. If anyone expected an official goodbye as Bungie left Microsoft and the Halo franchise behind, then they best stop waiting; this game is as good a goodbye as you can get.

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CatGlue2928d ago

9.8 is very high - they say if there is a perfect game, this is it. Do you guys think so? I think multiplayer should be a big part of it, and MW2's multiplayer is a lot better.

But yeah, definitely agree, it's the best Halo.

A Cupcake for Gabe2928d ago

Halo is Halo. You're even going to love it or hate it. But no matter you have to respect it cause Bungie is a good developer. But these are ass kissing reviews. It's like halo is Obama and it can't do know wrong. You can like something, but write it as a journalist, not a fanboy.

kk13872928d ago

I hear Reach is a pretty awesome game, and this just shows that.. Cool stuff!

Mista T2928d ago

such a fun game, I'm hooked on it, gonna be playing it for a loooong time

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