1UP: Booth Girl Playing Pac-Man Kinect

Check out the Pac-Man Kinect being played at Microsoft's booth. The game comes as part of a brain training package from Namco Bandai in Japan.

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rebirthofcaos2925d ago

that was the most useless and boring demostration of kinect. well what you can expect to something without buttoms.

WildArmed2925d ago

It wasn't a useless demo.. but I dont know personally if I want to play pac-man in such a way.
It's game mechanics dont appeal to me.

Though it looked like the hands were being tracked well. But Pac-man wasn't doing a very good job following the hands (maybe they should have stuck pac-man on the hand icon?)

I'm interested to try some demos out myself!
Will be on the look out for demos near chicago.

blitz06232925d ago

That looks very exciting. /s

WildArmed2925d ago

Exciting hardly..
but it was the tracking that got me interested.

Was it just reading gestures or actually mapping it across the x/y/z axis, I'm curious to try it myself.

Sorry for trying to be a gamer.. I dont see the need for blind hate.

strickers2925d ago

What?There was lag even on hands moving as slow as that.It looked terrible and pointless.Thing is there are no games like this that wouldn't be better on Move(not that I'd want this drivel).Accurate,fast and with rumble feedback.

8-bit2925d ago

Yeah this game looks like crap. After actually trying out the move and seeing just how accurate it is. With buttons and precision, there is no way in hell that Kinect will work for gamers the way that Move does. Kinect has to market itself strictly to children and families because gamers expect more.

cliffbo2925d ago

oh dear God! Kinect is EPIC.

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beardpapa2925d ago

i thought it was the original pacmac arcade until i saw the video.

xavier-tooth2925d ago

that look quite tiring having your arms held up for a long time.

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RememberThe3572925d ago

At least in this video Kinect looked to be much more responsive then I have seen in the past. It makes me think that the lag we've seen is more about software then hardware because I feel like I seen some way worse lag then this.

But still, Kinect looks so limited in it's uses I have a hard time rooting for it as a gaming platform.

raztad2925d ago

well taking into consideration what we saw here was purely 2d and just tracking a point (hands) I wouldnt be that surprised. In fact this is something that probably can replicated with a webcam.

8-bit2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

That could be done with any webcam. The PSeye has games that track in 2d on the PS store the same way. It is useless. I really don't see how Kinect can be relevant after experiencing how accurate Move is. I am addicted to playing Resident Evil 5 with the move. You will NEVER be able to play RE5 with Kinect because it's not on rails lol

strickers2925d ago

There was lag though and that was with her slow,deliberate movements.

Qui-Gon Jim2925d ago

I think this doesn't use the skeletal mapping, though. All it needs is the hands, so it can just take the raw image from the 3D camera and look for the two most forward points. I suspect that Dance Central uses a similar technique, except matching the image of your body to a template for the dance move.

Something that people on both sides of the argument seem to forget is that Kinect can use different methods ranging from raw RGB camera image, to 3D camera image, to skeletal mapping. The skeletal mapping is complex, and so adds a lot of lag. Kinect can have very little lag if it uses the normal camera like PSEye, or it can have a lot of lag if it uses the skeletal mapping.

Moonboots2924d ago

But if you look it seems like her hands and the hands on the screen were not lagging. Pac Man was the one not keeping up.

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rebirthofcaos2925d ago

I agree with that looking as it is that pacman demo was really limited and sadly boring.

niceguywii602925d ago

Posting the same thing twice exposes your bitter intent lol.

Qui-Gon Jim2925d ago

This is one of the exercises from a brain training game. Like Brain Age, none of the individual games will be very fun, but it's just part of the total package, and fun isn't exactly the point anyway.

Bigpappy2925d ago

She is playing Pac-Man with her left while doing what ever is require on the other half of the screen with her right. A am impressed that she was able to play effectively while concentrating on something else.

I would not be training my brain though. I my share of Pac-man but was never really a fan.

hankmoody2925d ago

What's with the hate? That looked cool!

Theoneneo812925d ago

If you liked tons of lag yeah.

strickers2925d ago

That is as far from cool as possible.

btk2925d ago

Freaky Avatar there...

No - not hate
The question that keeps getting asked is - what is Kinect good for? Except for rehashed EyeToy games.

Some of the games for Kinect is as if they decided that they will make the game for Kinect come hell or high water. Like Joyride - now that Kart game could be fun with a controller - but with controller free motion control?

Although interesting tech demo - I don't think many will actually buy it. Gold rims on you car might be cool - but what is the point at the price - and what functionality do you get from it?

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