GameInformer: David Jaffe Tees-off On Video Game Journalists

Developer David Jaffe has never been short of opinions, and as a game developer, his personality has definitely helped make the Twisted Metal series what it is today.

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RememberThe3572889d ago

I feel like he's more real than an asshole. I feel like there is a fine line between being blunt and being and asshole and he walks it like a pro.

Th funny thing is about his comment is that he's not defending himself since all of his projects seem to have deep emotions sown into them.

inveni02889d ago

I can't stand this guy, and Twisted Metal sucks. I give him props for GoW2, though. It was the first GoW game I played, and I didn't play it until AFTER I bought a 60GB PS3. I was thoroughly impressed. It was last gen's "next-gen" game.

But I never listen to this guy anymore. He's too full of himself. I think that's why they didn't let him do GoW3. It was just cheaper than paying his ego.

Whoooop2889d ago

Jaffe didn't make GOW2

RememberThe3572889d ago

I respect your opinion but you got your fact all basakwards.

Jeffe didn't work on GoW2, and left Sony in 2007 after a failed attempt to work on a game with the Warhawk developers. That is why he didn't work on GoW3.

moparful992889d ago

I completely agree with jaffe.. Alot of reviewers have this "jaded" outlook on games that if something isnt new, fresh, or pushes envelopes they count off points.. Take uncharted 2 for example, there's nothing revolutionary about anything in uc2 but the sum of all of its parts makes it one of the best games ever printed on a disc.. Thankfully no one deducted points for that but all to often they do with other games.. Jaffe gets a bad wrap because he's an extremely vocal personality within the industry and alot of people discern this as arrogance.. But its truth pure and simple..

inveni02889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

He didn't work on GoW2? Wow...then I guess I have no respect for him at all.

Thanks for straightening me out, though.

I agree. I think that Killzone 2 is an example of such a game. It didn't do anything new, but it was an intense ride from start to finish, and I enjoyed it as much as Modern Warfare. In fact, I don't even buy MW titles anymore. I'm just awaiting KZ3 (and will wait to buy a 3D TV until then, too).

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CoreGamer2889d ago

I agree with his statement,
and does anyone else thing Other M played a part in his rant?

morganfell2889d ago

He is correct. These no talent hypocritical hacks that can't make games themselves scream for such titles and then throw perfect scores at the most shallow rehashed tripe on the planet.

i_am_interested2889d ago

thats because a majority of them arent journalists, theyre fanboy bloggers

Nihilism2889d ago

I have to copy an epic comment from the article:

"Oh give me a break. First of all, if Jaffe wants to put his work in the public arena and charge admission, people can criticize it any *** way they want. If he wants someone to hang his macaroni art on the fridge, then he can whine to his mommy.

Secondly, it's not necessarily the responsibility of the critic (or even the general populace) to design a better game for the designer. These are two different roles. The designer designs and the critic critiques. Back to frakking drawing board if people don't like your stuff you charged them $60 for."

Unicron2889d ago

Hah, those who cannot create, whine.

I always thought the idea of an outsider "critique" to be rather... silly. Throw in review scores, and its even more stupid. IMHO.

palaeomerus2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

Apparently those who 'can' create whine (and bark) a whole lot too.

Unicron2889d ago

And I feel they are well within their right to. The review system out there is broken. It needs to change. Cgoodno's post below is a prime example of how money drives it, like any other business.

moparful992889d ago

If you sit here for a second and think that review scores dont have an impact on sales of a title then you are fooling yourself.. This is why the review system is a joke. They are far to critical of minor flaws in some titles while overlooking large blemishes in others.. Take a review of the move that was just on here yesterday. They claimed that the hardware was exceptional but took off points in the hardware category because the library was rather paltry.. How does that make sense? More over these journalists get away with it and arent held to higher standards.. They let their own bias' affect the score the give to the products they review.. Quite sad really..

Christopher2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I think it's funny that in the comments section of the article people are using Uncharted and similar games as examples of games that don't take themselves seriously or have storylines that are epic masterpieces like Citizen Kane. Yet, in the review of those games, journalists have criticized them for having such features.


Personally, journalists are looking to get hits each week to keep their wallets padded with ad revenue or whatever else it takes to make their money. They run out of stuff to talk about so they have to talk about topics like this. I honestly don't believe that any journalist who writes such an article lampooning games made just for fun are sitting at home not playing them at the same time.

We really need to start understanding that much like the 24-hour news coverage we see on TV, the majority of the 'news' isn't there to inform but to entertain and keep people talking, even if it's not based on the actual opinion of the individual and is only there for the point of stirring up the community.

J5Feedback2889d ago

Just don't think all journalists do that kind of stuff. I freelance/podcast and such just because I love games. I don't get paid a dime for it, I just really enjoy being part of the community and discussing video games with others.

outrageous2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

He's barking up the wrong tree and maybe he should take a sabbatical from tweeting or blogging again. Attacking the same people who will be reviewing your game in a couple short months can't be a good idea...O_o

His sensitivity to character building and a deep story make you think that maybe Twisted Metal, besides not being the best looking game may not have a very good story or deep characters...just saying...;D

Christopher2889d ago

@J5Feedback: You're not a journalist unless you get paid for it, IMHO. Then you're just a fan/community contributor. Not trying to put you down, actually giving you a compliment.

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