Vanquish TGS stage presentation video

Check out a full 39 minute video of the Vanquish stage presentation from TGS showing gameplay footage.

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jazzking20012861d ago

man i cant wait for the game

WildArmed2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Is the gameplay awesome?
I dont want to spoil the game for me so I'm holding back on video watching, since I am going to pick this game up in December or so.

yaz2882861d ago

they showed trailers .. and 2 cool tv ad .
and the demo was a challenge mode .. sweet gameplay .
and they show a weapons pack and it was woooooooooow O__O

I think it comes with pre order .. or special addition maybe ..

anyway this game is truly a must have !!!

WildArmed2861d ago

Thanks for the info.
Loved the demo!
I still play it when I have a few mins to spare (best time so far: 5.37min).

MGRogue20172861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

The demo was awesome! Bit short.. but so action packed, bullets flying all over the place! :D

If the game is anything like the demo, Then it's a must-buy.. or a rental, your choice, you'll definately have alot of fun either way.

earbus2861d ago

Lack of multiplayer makes it a bargin bin for me demo was ok i just been playing dark void great cheap bargin bin action to many other games out for me.

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