The Last Guardian May Support Move

VG247 writes: The Last Guardian director Fumito Ueda has said the game may support PlayStation Move.

Speaking in an interview with Dengeki Online, Ueda said there’s a possibility of Move support being included when the game launches, although he did add, “If we do adopt Move, it would be Move-compatible, and not exclusive.”

Also in the interview, Ueda said the new PS3 revamps of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus will include Trophy support – although that’s a given as it’s now a requirement for any new game being released on the system.

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Chaostar2803d ago

Considering how easy it is for developers to implement Move control and the small processor footprint, it's not surprising that more and more devs will opt to include support for their future releases.

I'm sure Team Ico could find some very interesting uses for the hardware.

8-bit2802d ago

I am just happy that move is getting such amazing support from developers. It really is a great piece of hardware. The tech really proves itself accurate. Just keep supporting it and I will feel happy with my purchase

MariaHelFutura2802d ago

I want Move support for SOTC.

terrorofdeath2802d ago

Climbing colossi , stabbing them, shooting arrows, riding Agro etc. All with the actual motions done by PS Move. Would be awesome.

Not forgetting eating that fruit and collecting lizard tails :)

Shadow Flare2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

I totally agree. Just imagining riding Agro while shooting arrows with Move would be such an incredible experience

tiamat52803d ago

Since we don't know enough about Last Guardian I can't imagine how Move will be used but I am sure it will be fun.People don't agree but the fact that Move is easily integrated into games is good for Sony/third party relations.

mantisimo2802d ago

....I'm ashamed to say I have just ordered the very thing I said I would not be buying for a long long time.

Damn you Ueda san, lol.

darkdoom30002803d ago

The more the merrier. This is the strength of the move, easily added to games that usually use the dualshock. Killzone 3, Infamous(if romours are true), LBP2, hopefully the last guardian

colonel1792802d ago

Move for Shadow of the Colossus would have been great. You could use the 1:1 motion for the sword (when fighting, locating the colossus, stabbing, etc). It could also glow whenever you point to the right direction, or when you are near a weak point of the colossus.

Baka-akaB2802d ago

thing is move could make colossus a tad too easy imo . last guardian wouldnt have such issue being still in dev ... but move would racidally change too much a few old games , unless those are truly remade for it

dead_eye2802d ago

be nice for the move if it does. if it does cool i've already got my move controller if it doesn't who cares it's still going to be an awesome game.

RedPawn2802d ago

Well I support Last Gaurdian.

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The story is too old to be commented.