2010 DLC Round-Up

With digital distribution as popular as ever, downloadable content (DLC) is the easiest way to obtain new content for your games. This content usually refreshes the game play with new maps, items, characters, and even multiplayer support. Some DLC are free additions to the game, while others are available for a price. Below is an overview of games with DLC and whether they are worth it.

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Gaetano2679d ago

GTA IV definitely set the tone for DLC. Hopefully we see more like that in the future.

CatGlue2679d ago

Yeah, what great DLC the rockstar guys do, which everyone does them in the same standard.

TheDarkGuyv3r2679d ago

Valve know how to look after their customers when it comes to DLC, free DLC is good DLC.

Jeannius2679d ago

It's not often that you get something for nothing.

kk13872679d ago

I like the way Valve do their free DLC, as well as DICE, with their map packs. Stuff like that should ALWAYS be free.

Pandemic2679d ago

Yummy, free Team Fotress 2 updates. :]