Metroid Prime 2: Echoes vs. Metroid Prime 3 Comparison

How does Samus' next-gen outing compare to her last one on the GameCube?

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Babylonian4018d ago

Watchting this, I realise how powerfull the old Gamecube was. I still have some Gamecube games so I can play them on the Wii since I sold my Gamecube (getting a Wii in the future). But the comparison really shows that the Gamecube had some kickass graphics, because they almost seemed identical to me.

leon764018d ago

Gamecube is a very good machine, unlike the wii

4018d ago
neil19884018d ago

as i like to say the xbox360 & playstation 3 are 100% next gen grafics the nintendo wii is only 50% the rest was for changeing game play forever just like the NES did

schabeugen044018d ago

I cant tell the difference it looks like the same game just different levels.

leon764018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

you can't see the difference because the wii is exactly the same as the gamecube.
itś funny the subtitle of this article "How does Samus' next-gen outing": next-gen???????? are this guy joking???? don't be angry with me because i like metroid prime very much, and i have a gamecube... the wii is a large disapoitment for a gamecube fan...

unsunghero284018d ago

The controls are supposed to be the best in any console FPS ever, that makes up for the graphics two-fold. Plus, truth be told, MP3 looks much better than its gamecube counterparts; there is clearly a higher level of detail and geometry.

At the end of the day, MP3 will be an amazing game, and any self-respecting Metroid fan should go out and pick it up.

djt234018d ago

dude you are blind or on something

Schmitty074018d ago

Except for the better environments. But it doesn't matter because this game will play great.

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