10 Awesome Military Squads that Totally Kicked Ass

EX: "Hardcore badasses are common enough in video games that you can hardly play through one without bumping into some embodiment of raw testosterone and exaggerated masculinity. After all, unless you find the Final Fantasy X or Metal Gear Solid 2 model of protagonists endearing, you want your hero (or heroine) to be snapping necks and spouting snappy one liners; not whining about their emotional issues while being entirely useless."

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awiseman2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

that had to be one of the bast shooters I played on the pc aside from halo 1 at the time. The story was amazing and the characters were badass.
I hate that Sev(7) is left behind and a sequel would be more than greately appreciated. seriousely go and download the demo of that game now!

kissmeimgreek2927d ago

i have been waiting for a sequel to this AMAZING star wars game forever.

il-mouzer2927d ago

HELGHAST aren't a squad, they are a nation/army whatever

sonicsidewinder2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Way to spoil for people who havn't played. Who needs the demo now? Hell who needs the game? Ruined the most powerful moment of the game for the people.
- - -
But yes, The game is a legend alright. The second campaign used to scare me lol
Delta Squad, you are the most awesome.

Rybakov2927d ago

republic commando is like 5 years old at this point if someone hasn't played it they arn't going to

but it was really awesome game tho sequel want

sonicsidewinder2927d ago

you never know bro. lol
I'm just protective of story elements.

Galaxia2927d ago

Republic Commando is still to this day the greatest FPS I have ever had the privilege to play. It is just perfect in every way. And F you Lucasarts for not making a sequel already! I want to know what happens to Sev!

Nothing else even comes close. Seriously, the characters, the story, the settings, the gameplay, the squad commands and most of all the amazing aesthetics and atmosphere in this game just blow me away.

MrChow6662927d ago

republic commando is kind of a forgotten gem, it was surprisingly good

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Urmomlol2927d ago

You seriously get bonus points just for mentioning SW: Republic Commandos. One of the most underrated shooters ever made. It's criminal they haven't gotten their own TV series or video game sequel yet.

Would've also mentioned Sheperd's Suicide Squad from Mass Effect 2 and maybe team Star Fox.

despair2927d ago

Slippy always needs saving and Falco always acting like an ass plus Peppy always with the annoying "do a barrel roll". Its best they didn't make the list.

poopnscoop2927d ago

I like how the author goes out of his way to list the most obscure references to make it look like he's smart. LOL. Most of the list completely sucks. Team Rainbow? What a gay name. The game looks like complete crap too -- thank God they made Halo otherwise we'd sitll be playing the same, boring military FPS' like Rainbow Six.

And this list fails for not including Noble Team from Halo: Reach, easily the most badass characters created this gen.

awiseman2927d ago

and Noble team should have been put in there i do agree. but halo isnt the only game out thetre thats badass. Star Wars Republic commando is one of the bast star wars fps ive ever played and maye obe fo the best fps period. It scores right up there with halo in my book.

RememberThe3572927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

"And this list fails for not including Noble Team from Halo: Reach"

As I read your comment I knew that was coming. That's a great list, but you can't see it because it doesn't include your new favorite game. Way to be a fanboy.

"Team Rainbow? What a gay name."

So what? Even if they were gay they handle business. I don't see what sexual orientation has to do with killing efficiency.

Props to the auther for mentioning Republic Commandos. That was a second favorite shooter on the Xbox after Halo.

TrailerParkSupervisr2927d ago

Rainbow 6 boring? Black Arrow was so ahead of it's time in MP features. Hosting your own room WITH the ability to kick out people. Dedicated servers. Conquest was so much fun...

I could go on but I just read your name and there is no reason to try and explain this any further.

Rybakov2927d ago

sir watch what you say about the non existent counter terror squad

Rainbow six is amazing but the Vegas ones are the book then you will know what real rainbow six is

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Lavalamp2927d ago

My kingdom for a new Republic Commando game.

DJKGBYF2927d ago

I think any chance of RC2 has gone down the drain along with KOTOR 3, BF3, and all the other Star Wars games that were good.

awiseman2927d ago

the beta keyz r included with medal of honor.

Rybakov2927d ago

and kotor 3 is the mmo which will not fail

so rc2 is always a chance

Shackdaddy8362927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

he means starwars:battlefront 3. I really wish they would make another cus both 1 and 2 were amazing games.

@DJKGBYF, beat ya to it :)

DJKGBYF2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You do realise I was talking about Battlefront 3 right?

And @Rybakov

I don't think of TOR and KOTOR 3 as being the same. To me that's like having Mass Effect 1 and 2 and then 3 was set hundreds of years in the future and was played as an MMO. I'd rather have the continuous line of three KOTOR games meaning the story of Revan/the Exile, like Mass Effect with Shepard, and then use TOR as the end of the whole Old Republic story.

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Bathyj2927d ago

What about Alpha and Bravo team from Full Spectrum Warrior?

Reboot that game why dont you.

MMFGaming2927d ago

Oh man, I LOVED that game.


Great memories.

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