GameOverThinker : Heavens to Metroid

Screw Attack's 'The Game Over Thinker' discusses the reaction to Metroid Other M's character development of Samus and examines reasons why these false assumptions were made.

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CoreGamer2921d ago

Amazing video,
a must watch by everyone still confused about Other's Samus.

Seekerofthewind2921d ago

Saw this coming. xD It's a good explanation, though. Considering I saw some of the GAF outrage over this...yeah, this was necessary. >.>;

Invader_Quirk2919d ago

That was a really really good video. He's right. It's all in your heads.

PlayerX2919d ago

Got to love the Game Overthinker

PS360WII2919d ago

Well said. Why can't Samus have human emotions after all

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