PS3 Move game review: Sports Champions (

PlayStation Move launched with it's own sports party game "Sports Champions" which includes events like archery, volleyball, gladiator duels and others. Here's a review for the game from the Newark PlayStation Examiner at

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Baba19062735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

love iiiiiit! gladiator und frisbee are the most fun for me. =D

Lucreto2735d ago

Imagine an RPG using similar technology to the gladiator game.

akiraburn2735d ago

That's exactly what I've been thinking man! And I'm pretty sure a lot of other people feel the same. I've been really hoping/looking forward to a game like Demons Souls or maybe one of the "Tales of" games with Move compatibility, where it would fully track your arm movements. I've seen some people say that a Action/RPG game with Move wouldn't work, because dozens of hours spent fighting like that would tire your arm out, but I really don't think that is the case. Especially with games like Killzone 3 and inFamous 2 getting it, which you already could spend hours on.

dead_eye2735d ago

i hate frisbee but only because i'm no good at it at the moment lol

8-bit2735d ago

lol I suck at it too. It is to precise for my lack of skill

TheOldOne2735d ago

I realised that I wasnt standing right, your arm that your holding the move controller in has to face the tv, maybe thats why u suck at it? lol

user13372735d ago

Frisbee is cool, but I prefer table tennis ^^

40cal2735d ago

I still cant get over how accurate the motion tracking is.

I am really starting to like ALL of the games on SC. About half the disc is exciting (Gladiator, Table Tennis, Archery) and the other half can be quite relaxing (Frisbee, Disc Golf, Bocce).

I'd put Beach Volleyball in the middle somewhere.

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JoeReno2735d ago

I agree. Im not a sports fan at all. You wont find a MLB, NBA, of Madden game in my collection, but im having a great time with this game.

TrueScythe2735d ago

Same here, I'm loving the frisbee game!

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user83971442735d ago

Really good game all the games are fun except maybe pinp pong. Freesbie and gladiator are my favorites.

ndibu2735d ago

Fixed. You're welcome

40cal2735d ago

our public school systems really need to step it up!

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