TGS: Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy Hands-On [RPG Site]

RPG Site goes hands on with the second in the Final Fantasy cross-over fighting series at TGS and detail Lightning, Kain, RPG-mode, and Tifa's appearance in the trailer.

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densai2742d ago

want it, but... wish it was more than just a quick sequel

densai2742d ago

this shouldve been a PS3 exclusive HD game with online. I love the PSP and all but damn :(

AP2742d ago

I dunno about exclusive, but I'd have loved a HD/online version, even if it was just this game up-rezzed and put out as a download. Online play would make it bad ass.

NabikiTendo2742d ago

sigh oh well at least i can count on atlus and nis america.

Magnus2742d ago

Hmm so they braught in Lightening I am just wondering why they skipped FF12 and Vaan.

TANUKI2742d ago

I say, bring Captain Basch (sp?) in!

Sidology2742d ago

Probably because Vaan would be too similar to Zidane.

If anything, they should TOTALLY bring in Fran.

Skullomania2741d ago

They didn't skipped Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth is a playable character in the first Dissidia game.

Eamon2741d ago

Vaan is not similar to Zidane. In fact, I'm happy they didn't bring back Vaan. He is easily the worst Final Fantasy protagonist in the series.

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Sidology2742d ago

You know, I knew there was going to be a sequel, which is why I didn't play the first Dissidia.

Now I definitely have a reason, what, with Kain, Lightning and Tifa joining the ranks.

Now we just need Faris from V.

Sidology2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Also, it'd be awesome to see some Tactics characters in there.

Agrias? Aw, heeeeeeeeell yeah.

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