Time Crisis: Razing Storm PlayStation Move Gameplay Video and Impressions

PS3 Attitude: Time Crisis: Razing Storm is one of the many demos included in the PlayStation Move bundle pack and we have a gameplay video showing the game in action.

Have our impressions from E3 changed at all or is the new Time Crisis still just a razing bore?

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Parapraxis2620d ago

I tried the demo last night with a friend..after 5 minutes i said "this is a game MADE for people with ADD" lol, it's intense and fun...though I think it may have given me a bit of a headache.

NegativeCreepWA2620d ago

I didn't care for having to hold a button to lower your shield, that alone made me like the shoot more.

Delriach2620d ago

Yes! I agree 100% with this. Makes me wish I had actually mentioned that in this preview.

I really hope you can change the button layout so that you press the Move to cover and reload. I did that with previous Time Crisis games too.

Octo12620d ago

I enjoyed The Shoot a lot more that Time Crisis. The redeeming part of Time Crisis is the other previous Time Crisis games that will come with it. I am disappointed that The Shoot was not a Move launch title.

raztad2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )


"What I really dislike about Razing Storm is that the cursor appears on screen at all times. Since you’re equipped with a machine gun throughout most of the demo you can just hold the trigger button and chase enemies mindlessly while following the cross hair. The thrills of precision aiming are long gone and it’s really a shame."

I havent played any Time Crisis, but judging by that it seems previous editions of the game had no cursor. I'm guessing the cursor can be set off on higher difficulty setting.

Delriach2620d ago


It's unknown if that's the case. In previous Time Crisis games you used a lightgun and had to actually aim. There was no indicator until you saw your bullet hit a person or a wall.

Here, the cursor is there so you know where you are at all the time. Rail gun shooters for the Wii work the same way. Resident Evil, Dead Space, etc. I don't think it can be turned off in this game sadly..

8-bit2620d ago

Is this on rails? I don't personally like rail shooters. Same with the Shoot. I am really loving Resident Evil 5 with the move tho, it's really fun to play co op!

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redDevil872620d ago

This is the game thats going to get me to buy the move

WildArmed2620d ago

The reaason why I ordered move.
God that game looks epic!

Arcade-y fun @ home! :)
Luckily you can even use a DS3 as your 2nd controller!

I LOVE how well they are incorporating Move n DS3 in the same game.

RedPawn2620d ago

I hope Geese Howard is the last boss.

Knushwood Butt2620d ago


That would be an interesting crossover..

teedogg802620d ago

Played both this and the Shoot. Definitely gonna pick one of them up...just don't know which one. They're both great fun.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

LoL everyone on the NeoGaf forums loves the Move, people are literally saying it makes your body pain because of the amount of exercise you get out of using it, and so far everyone's best game is Sports champions.

After reading the forums I was originally going buy the Move when Ape Escape 4 comes out, but now it looks like I'm going to be buying it sooner rather than later.

PS-Moves slogan should be:

Say NO! to waggle.

jack_burt0n2620d ago

You almost dont realise how much your having to use effort lol in the gladiator battle when you realise you can do really hefty damage with one blow you really start to swing :)

yakuzakazuya2620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Yeah, damage based on the speed of your swings is totally hardcore! My biceps tendons hurt!!! Can't stop playing Gladiator though :)

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