Journalistic Assumptions

David Jaffe: "I'm really tired of journalists writing pieces about what they feel is lacking in games- be it deeper artistic sensibilities, deeper stories, meaningful mature views of the world, or more realistic portrayals of women- and framing the opinion as if it's a foregone conclusion that what they are asking for simply needs to happen and it's our lack of maturity as developers or our lack of ability or our fear of a lack of sales that are the things that prevent their desires from coming true."

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GSpartan7772889d ago

NOW! This is well written.

MMFGaming2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"Maybe some of us LIKE portraying women in a more comic booky way (the same way- by the way- that the vast majority of male game characters are portrayed)."

I find this rather unsettling. Males and females are portrayed very, very differently in comic books, and it doesn't take an expert to tell that one is rather flattering while the other is largely degrading. This is done because the majority of comic book readers are male --they want to see muscular badass men and scantly clad, subservient women.

I'm all for video games being mindless --they have their time and place. But to claim that journalists, critics or gamers don't have the right to ask for something more from a medium that has evolved and matured drastically over the last three decades is somewhat silly.