“Maybe” Kojima Will Do MGS5

Today during the Konami stage show (at TGS 2010), Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima suggested MGS5. “Maybe, I’ll do 5,” Kojima said when asked about a 5th installment.

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Hoje03082856d ago

Another rough handjob from Kojima. Seriously, stop teasing and tweeting about this shit. Don't say another word until the game is officially announced.

OT: Another Metal Gear would be fucking sweet!

gtamike2856d ago

Why is Xbox 360 in the TAGS lol

vsr2856d ago

May be Kojima will try a FullHD 120fps game with 3D on PS3!

SubZero2856d ago

Or maybe i'll make MGS5....god i hate these "articles" :(

DaTruth2856d ago

The guy already said Peace Walker is MGS5! It's like these so-called gaming journalists can't even be bothered to keep up with the world of gaming!

CellularDivinization2856d ago

Its a spinoff. It is not MGS5. Stop lying to yourself.

HDgamer2856d ago

Peace walker is not a spinoff, kojima is not involved in his team's spinoff's.

PirateThom2856d ago

He said Peace Walker was an MGS5 class game.
It was originally called "Metal Gear Solid 5: Peace Walker"
It mostly ignores Portable Ops, a game he didn't create, and fits into cannon between MGS3 and Metal Gear.
It contains all the features we've come to expect of Metal Gear Solid, but it's designed for a portable device.
If it was on PS3, it would be Metal Gear Solid 5.

CellularDivinization2856d ago

An MGS5 class game= Exactly what it is. An MGS5 game. A spinoff worthy enough to be called MGS5, but not officially MGS5.

You guys keep telling yourselves MGS:PW is MGS5. Just hope the real MGS5 doesnt come out. Time Paradox.

PirateThom2856d ago

"Spin-off". You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

A Cupcake for Gabe2856d ago

PW is MGS5, Kojima Studios had been upgrading their development engine for upcoming games so they polished up one for Rising/Castlevania etc, but put MGS: PW on PSP cause the next MGS/or maybe ZoE3 will run off newer technology(AKA PS3 exclusives)

Mainman2856d ago

PW is not MGS5, but it is not a spin-off either. Or that what I think at least.

darkdoom30002856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Numbers are pretty insignificant now. Peace Walker is MGS5(after 4) MGS3 (cronological order) and MGS8(order released). It's not a spin-off by any means though. It's an intergal part of the storyline and it contains the same gameplay as the rest of the series.

Main Series- All follow cannon. All has the same sneaking gameplay.
<Cronological / Release >
1/5) MGS3:Snake Eater
2/6) MGS:Portable Ops
3/8) MGS:Peace Walker
4/1) MG1(Outer Heaven)
5/2) MG2:Solid Snake
6/3) MGS(The Twin Snakes)
7/4) MGS2:Sons of Liberty
9/7) MGS4:Guns of the Patriots

Spin-Offs: Fit in Cannon, different gameplay.
8/9) MGS Rising
8/7) MGS Touch (MGS4 on rails shooter version)

Alt Spin-Offs: Alternative Universe/Split Timeline
MG: Ghost Babel
Sanke's Revengs
MG Ac!d
MG Ac!d 2

PirateThom2855d ago

Portable Ops's place in cannon is questionable since the release of Peace Walker.

It changed a lot of Grey Fox's back story and Kojima pretty much ignored it when it came to Peace Walker.

ZBlacktt2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Quote off Kojima Tweet:

According to a comment made from Hideo Kojima on his official Twitter account it may look like the Metal Gear Solid creator wants to reveal his next game sometime next year.

Hideo tweeted a response on Fumito Ueda’s account saying: “I think it would be nice if next year I can do not just editing, but introduce my own new game”.

I’m sure many gamers will be hoping it will be Metal Gear Solid 5 but it looks like we’ll have to wait till next year’s Tokyo Games Show to see what Hideo will be working on.

ZBlacktt2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )


ZBlacktt2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )


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C_SoL2856d ago

snake in robotic form :D

crzyjackbauer2855d ago

KOJIMA some advice just make the game more like MGS3 and not MGS4
MGS3 was well balanced with cutscenes and gameplay
Peace Walker was also well balanced
MGS4 was just a movie with 30min of gameplay
im a MGS fan but seriously i only played MGS4 two times
the third time i was just skipping through cutscene it just got boring
i dont mean to offend MGS4 its a great ending to the saga
but i just wanted more gamplay

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stonecold32856d ago

true thought and its going to be another metal gear game exclusive to the ps3

George Sears2856d ago

"While finishing up Metal Gear Solid 4, Kojima repeatedly said he was “Moving on from the series and hoped that younger members of the staff could take the reigns.” Seems blunt enough to me."

He's been saying the same thing since MGS2 and that statement is already outdated by the fact that he did Peace Walker regardless of his remarks.

Sashamaz2856d ago

Kojima is just lol now
I sense MGS 6 on the ps4 :D

andfed2856d ago

WTF is going on latetly about a new mgs game?? cut the crap already!

BYE2856d ago

Kojima teases it, people want it. The result is hype.

ReBurn2856d ago

This is classic Kojima. The guy is aloof and arrogant and he says stuff like this all the time to just keep stringing people along. And he has such a cult following that people eat it up.

The guy makes good games, sure. But come on...

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