M2G Review: Start the Party!

M2G Writes:

Start the Party. The title’s enough to let you guess this game doesn’t involve slaying zombies on a cold winter’s night, however believe it or not that’s not always necessarily a bad thing.

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Freshnikes2927d ago

I bought the sports champion came with a demo and start the party was in the demo....let's just say I had to go right back to gamestop and get my son and his friends where playing it for hours.....great game I gotta admit I was playing it too....

One complain ..they need whack a a single game and a few well if you played this you know what I'm talking about

aceitman2927d ago

reviewers r giving it a low score it is fun and u have 3 levels of difficulty and it makes it harder and makes u work at it my friends and family love it and are getting the move for there ps3 or getting a ps3 for it .

Octo12927d ago

Definitely pick this up if you have a family with younger kids or have friends that come frequently for visits.

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dragon822927d ago

We loved the demo of Get the Party Started and are getting it as a gift for the whole family for chirstmas.

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