M2G Review: Kung Fu Rider

M2G Writes:

There are so many games out there it makes you wonder what they will think of next. Personally I would love to have been part of the meeting where someone said, “I know, let’s put two characters on a bizarre selection of vehicles, such as office chairs, while they speed down a hill.”

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2928d ago
ReBurn2928d ago

The review gives it 3/10.

SeanRL2928d ago

This was expected, at least by me....

outrageous2928d ago

It really is criminal charging $40 for this " Game " and from the demo's I've seen, suffers an ENORMOUS amount of technical issues like collision detection...etc

Having said that, if they sold a game like that as dlc for maybe $4.99, I think more people would give it a go and they would make there money in quantity Vs quality...I think...O_o

Christopher2928d ago

I'm surprised this game was produced outside of Japan, personally.

Octo12928d ago

Re-doing the control for this may redeem it. They did it for Lair. There were very questionable decisions on how they set up the controls for the game.I will pick this up when it drops in price. At the moment even at $40 it's not worth it.

ReBurn2928d ago

This game didn't have the budget spend and marketing outlay that Lair did, so I doubt you'll see them release a patch to change the controls. It's $40 for a reason.

mirumu2928d ago

When I downloaded a trailer for it from the Japanese PSN a while back I though it looked like a bit of fun, but couldn't imagine how they could fit it to Move controls. The damning reviews certainly indicate that they couldn't. But yeah, with a regular controller it may improve. On the whole the game still looks like a bit of a one trick pony though.

A Cupcake for Gabe2928d ago

This honestly looks like it would of made a really cool sixaxis game.

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The story is too old to be commented.