Parasite Eve 3 Media Blowout

Aya Brea is the latest character to make the jump to Sony's PSP handheld system. The 3rd Birthday is officially referred to as a spin-off of the original series, but there's little to back that up as it looks to be a full-fledged Parasite Eve title. And thanks to the folks at Square Enix, we've got a dozen screenshots from The 3rd Birthday, including some wicked CG shots.

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MultiConsoleGamer2922d ago

PSP is still getting tons of Triple-AAA quality titles. Really enjoyed this piece.

DJ2921d ago

Especially with all these great titles finally being released. We got Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles II, the new Kingdom Hearts, God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Unlocking the full speed of the PSP processor pretty much revitalized the platform by allowing developers to upgrade their titles.

Hopefully our PSP games will be fully compatible on the PSP 2, and download the same way off of PSN.

Skullomania2921d ago

Wow, great year for the PSP, imagine if Capcom didn't canceled Resident Evil Portable, a game that was supposed to be released this year. I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, never thought the game would look this good.

Britney Spears2921d ago

is this actually PE 3 though? Where did they confirmed it and why is a handheld getting it?

knifefight2921d ago

It's not called Parasite Eve 3. Its title is simply "The Third Birthday."
This piece has old information to go with its old screens. -_-

Handhelds_FTW2921d ago

Unofficially it is PE3, reason it doesn't carry the Parasite Eve name is because, Squenix doesn't hold the rights to the name.

The 3rd Birthday was going to be a cell phone game originally but was moved to the PSP.

hot4play2921d ago

Why cant they acquire the rights for the name again? Anyway "The 3rd Birthday" is an interesting name but couldn't tjey have used something closer to the original titles with the words "Parasite" or "Eve"?? :p
Maybe the next game on PS3... :)

PS. I hope the story is still related to the Mitochondria or Eve...

gano2921d ago

this is a day 1 all the way.
tho i wonder, se can make multiplat console games either
day and date or 3months later but these psp games are damn
near 8months from the jpn to us launch.
Wtf are they on?