ISM: You Accidentally Called PlayStation Move, Wii

Ironstar: Owning all three consoles, I intended to experience every aspect of them individually. With the dominant motion perspective of gaming this generation, many people have made up their mind about motion gaming in-general. PlayStation Move, Sony's take in the motion wars, is very, very impressive. I played the retail build of Move for the first time last Friday with a friend,...

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Treezy5042924d ago

Nice article but Kinect FTW.... just joking :D

N4PS3Fanboys2924d ago

Phew! What a relief. For a second there, I thought the real world was actually seeping into What a relief you were joking. I really want to continue living in this fantasy world where everything is the opposite of reality.

n4gno2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Fanboy in denial spotted, this article, like 150 other ones are reality, but blindest fanboy prefer to listen one or two kotaku, gizmodo lies.

pathetic :)

@wiiboyz in denial, like "eagle" : wii commercial success is real, but you can't deny how much better move (accuracy, battery, 3D tracking, etc), and ps3 (+ library) are, and if you are gamer, you probably are hoping the best motion controler and consoles to succeed, if not, go back to fanboyz land.

TheBand1t2924d ago

If it was real world, it would have been Wii FTW!

So really you're both in fantasy.

boogey1572924d ago

Cannot wait to get navigation controller to play MAG

TLG19912924d ago

i played mag today with move it was pretty incredible considering it was not made for it it extremely easy to get used to. i cant wait for some hardcore games that are made for it WOW thats all i can say at the moment, its gana be an exciting year for move games

Orange2923d ago

Nobody is talking about Hustle King's use of Move. It's worth picking up if you have an interest in billiards. Figuring out how to shoot with power (point move/cue downward slightly) was the frustrating aspect, but once that's down it's quite challenging and fun.

The soundtrack is terrible, but custom soundtracks remedy that deficiency.

nycredude2923d ago

And there will be an patch for High Velocity Bowling available tomorrow. You have to pay for it but shouldn't be too much as the game is only $10 on Psn. Get it people nice bowling game.

thecreeper2924d ago

So far im loving the move!

TeenGoten2924d ago

Wii's fail makes Move more epic

TheLeprachaun2924d ago

How, might I ask, is the Wii in anyway 'fail'?

gamingdroid2924d ago

We wouldn't have PS Move if Wii didn't exist so in what way did it fail?

Wii ushered in a new era of how we game!

eagle212924d ago

The Wii has nothing to worry about. Seriously, they have their best fall line-up EVER, reviewers admit that Wii Sports has not been trumped by sports champions (regardless if Move has good tech), and they sell a Wii remote with every console SKU. But that is reality...back to fantasy land. :)

Pennywise2924d ago

I love the Nintendo core games such as Mario, Zelda, & Metroid... but I would not buy a Wii because of graphics and precision.

Ive played plenty of Wii and it always felt very childish. More childish than any Nintendo console... Maybe that is because it uses old school graphics... it had A LOT to do with the lack of precision which made the games feel like there was no such thing as "skill". I love picking a game up and sucking at it only to practice for hours to perfect the way you play.

Sony Move has given me the graphics and the precision. I played my PS3 more over the last weekend than I have in months. It is the jolt of life it needed. I can't wait to try MAG tonight. I need to pick up a copy of RE5 too.

See what you guys don't get is this: Most people who have dissed motion controls, were not dissing the fact you had to move to play. They were not referring to it as "flail" because you had to move your arms. It was the waggle nonsense that had no precision.

Nintendo has the advantage of the old school game names that will sell millions regardless... Nintendo will never NOT sell, but we all remember times when they weren't that relevant. Gamecube? Its funny because a console that only sold 21mil units was overclocked a little and they added waggle and it is a sensation in sales.

Sony delivered pure quality with Move and I expect it to be a major seller. Even if they don't advertise, the word of mouth from the positive reviews will spread fast. I played Move with a friend over the weekend... I asked him if he wanted to play ping pong. He asked if I bought a Wii... I told him no and to give it a try. Five hours later he declared that the Move is WAY better than Wii ever was. This guy is not your everyday gamer. You would never find him on N4G, but I promise you if he went out to buy something like this he would get Move over Wii. Any time he sees a Wii, he will let the owner know how much better the Move is.

Wii was not an epic fail business wise. Nintendo has made a boatload of money off of the Wii and I expect next gen for Nintendo to be beyond this gens PS3... but only time will tell. nintendo has gotten a taste of spending a little to make a lot. I hope for the best, but in the mean time... Sony just took crown for accuracy on motion controls.

ChozenWoan2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

or in other words we should try to be PennyWise.
Have a bub.

I love Zelda and Metroid, but I refuse to get a Wii due to graphics and inaccuracy. I've tried Wii Motion Plus over to a friends house and was sorely disappointed in the lack of accuracy. Thus when Move was demoed at E309, I was very pleased with the sword and shield portion. I knew then that this was the motion controller gamers have been waiting for since the Power Glove.

Lets face it boys and girls, this gen has just kicked it into second gear and we've got years before the next gen hits the shelves. Motion gaming is here to stay and there is only one console that gives you everything in one place.

1:1 motion controls
3D Movies and Games
Free Online with up to 256 players
Web Browser
Variety of Exclusives
Kevin Butler
500+ GB HDDs
The Real Driving Simulator
And the best controller free game to be released this year (Kung Fu Live)

Lets face it...
It only does everything.

Pennywise2923d ago

Back at ya Chozen... +Bubb.

Everyone is so quick to attack around here. You guys need to know I grew up with nintendo... or I grew up ON Nintendo... I don't know if Nin ever matured. The games are basically the same as release. It is just stagnant. Nintendo has never really had huge 3rd party support. Wii seems to have more than other gens, but the customer support is not there for those games. Is it the graphics? Is it the controls? Is it because Wii fans are so loyally hardcore to Nin they only buy mario and company?

If Nintendo blows the doors off with the money they made this gen next gen... It might be time for me to support nintendo again with my money. I just hope the consoles 3rd party support is as strong as it was for the Wii at the beginning of this generation.

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