9.0 Sports Champions Review

Dealspwn writes: "Your first essential title for Sony’s new PlayStation Move. The accuracy the device is capable of is incredible start-to-finish. The single player side will keep you going between multiplayer sessions which are where the game really shines. Casual players were able to pick up most titles easily and nobody had a game that they could honestly say they didn’t enjoy. The inclusion of the easy-going games like Bocce and Disc Golf were essential to avoid wearing players out too, which meant the game barely left the PS3 during Move’s opening weekend."

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jack_burt0n2711d ago

"The accuracy the device is capable of is incredible start-to-finish."

You summed it up perfectly, if you have played any of the sports in real life ur same IRL traits effect the game, that is just incredible.

rdgneoz32711d ago

The only one I had a difference from IRL was the Disc Golf game. I can throw it fine IRL, but the game curved the hell out of it. Everything else worked perfectly for me.

tiamat52711d ago

A lot of people here are on the warpath because people are saying it is as good as or even better then Wii Sports resort.Is that true? I want to buy the move but I am broke at the moment. I just want to know is it is really that good and accurate as they say.

paracardium2711d ago

it's really accurate..the archery is amazing