SquareGo: The Future of Halo?

SquareGo writes:

"So, as Bungie bids a fond farewell to their beloved quadrilogy with their new friends at Activision, the question remains: What's next for Halo?"

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Seijoru2886d ago

Halo is done without Bungie, I'm looking forward to their next project.

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units2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

those complaining about halo being milked should count super mario, gran turismo and final fantasy to date

THC CELL2886d ago

first of all saying GT is milked thats like saying fifa and football games are milked so ill piss on ya fire ok

CellularDivinization2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

"GT is milked is like saying fifa and football games are milked"
Exactly. They are indeed milked.

Hades13372886d ago

The only downside to milking something is when it gets stale. Judging from Halo Reach, the franchise is about as stale as a daisy.

MAR-TYR-DOM2886d ago

yeah sure FF and Mario are milked aswell, no one is denying that, gran turismo? not really. But all that being said, it doesnt matter if other games are being milked or not cause this article is about halo franchise and yes it will continue to be milked. At least when bungie was developing you could expect a great game now i dont even know what to expect.

BYE2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Gran Turismo? That's like one of the least milked franchises ever.

outrageous2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

@units...that kind of logic will lose you alot of bubbles around hear.

Halo should be an annual thing with a game launch every September, just like COD is over at Activision. You get 2 great devs and let them try and better each other. Make one game a TPS and the other a FPS. Epic and Cliffy B should make a squad based Halo TPS with the adventures of Noble team. There should be a Lego Halo game as there is Lego kits available as we speak. Make a game featuring only the grunts and there adventures with the Covenant. Halo Wars RTS was a quality game and sold well and I think it will make an appearance soon.

Who cares what the competition thinks, they don't own a 360 and are non factors. The PS legacy is milking every franchise they have. The problematic Cell in the PS3 has prevented them this gen. GT had 10 games on PS2...that's how you build a community, not a game every 5-7

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DaBadGuy2886d ago

Yar, me thinks that MS will take proper care o' the HALO franchise. I not be doubtin that a 343 made Halo game will be very different than a Bungie made game, but I'm believin that the game will turn out at least halfway decent. But who knows? Nobody knows what ta expect from Halo 4, all we have ta do now is wait. Wait fer Halo 4 and wait fer Bungie's next project before ye cast yer final judgement. Yar har har.

lochdoun2886d ago

It's coming.
That's why they didn't lock up Mass Effect.
I expect an epic RPG based on the Halo universe.

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