Final Fantasy Retrospective Part VI

The pair of PlayStation titles that prove no two fantasies are the same.

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djt234131d ago

i like this one
you should watch it

greed4131d ago

final fantasy will always be the king of rpgs regardless of what comes out i am just happy i was fortunate to be to experience such great games some may want to disagree but again i speak facts and disagreeing would just show your ignorance!

WilliamRLBaker4130d ago

Final fantasy was only good up until 6, and tactics.

7 sucked, 8 sucked, 9 sucked, 10 REALLY sucked, x-2 was the black hole of suck, 11 was a crappy mmo, 12 was kind of decent and 13 will suck.

Final fantasy survives soley on rabbid fanbase and name recognition, there are far better rpgs being released.

Wolfmoonstrike4130d ago

I honestly think that if they ever remake a Final fantasy they should make a remake of number 8 best story line.