MDG: Halo Reach Review Round-up – 9.5 Average

Struggling to know how the media feels about Bungie’s latest creation, Halo Reach? Well, you’ve landed in the best place possible, as MDG gathered ten of the best reviews out there, and summarized them into the article bellow.

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Windex2921d ago

9.2 and 9.1

it went back up to 9.2 i think.

2921d ago
ConanOBrien2921d ago

Metascores are not accurate when KZ2 gets 91
Metascores are accurate when U2 gets 96

AlexMyDG2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

The metacritic score is based on more reviews, actually 62 at the moment. And each of these 62 reviews have the same weight on the final score. I feel that this is wrong, because, for example, IGN members are more experienced than those of VG27.

I chose the best 10 because I think they are the most relevant ones. I have also not included scores from unreliable sources or from those that have a direct link to the game, like Microsoft or Bungie ( they will clearly score a 10 ) .

Venatus-Deus2921d ago

No... Metacritic does weight it's scores. This is a well known fact.

Edge and IGN are worth more that VG27

Babypuncher2921d ago

"I chose the best 10 because I think they are the most relevant ones. I have also not included scores from unreliable sources or from those that have a direct link to the game, like Microsoft or Bungie ( they will clearly score a 10 ) ."

Official Xbox Magazine?


Venatus-Deus2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

To the disagrees...

Why the term “weighted average” matters

Metascore is a weighted average in that we assign more importance, or weight, to some critics and publications than others, based on their quality and overall stature. In addition, for music and movies, we also normalize the resulting scores (akin to "grading on a curve" in college), which prevents scores from clumping together.

OneSneakyMofo2921d ago

Metacritic didn't weigh the scores for Uncharted 2. I averaged them all together in an Excel spreadsheet for my gaming website, and it turned out the score was the exact same score for Metacritic. I believe they only do weights with movies.

Kurt Russell2921d ago

The game is awesome... 9.2 or 9.5 doesn't matter at all.

RememberThe3572921d ago

People act like there is a huge difference between the two. In my book 9+ is a great game.

Venatus-Deus2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


Demon Souls 89
Dead Space 88
Uncharted 88
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 88
Fable 2 89
Left for Dead 89

Awesome games at sub 90

Cyrax_872921d ago

Most major games these days get around 100 reviews on metacritic. Reach stil has around 40 to go.

AlexMyDG2921d ago

Reach just launched a couple of days ago, and it has 62. On the first day, the game sales brought $200 millions. I anticipate a lot more reviews coming.

MGRogue20172921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

I swear.. It doesn't deserve that 9.5

It's way too much like Halo 3/ODST, The armor customization is ridiculous.. equipping the various armor doesn't actually do anything for your character + no specs to see what they improve once equipped, There's still no "aim down your sight" feature & so there's no real skill involved when shooting your enemies & when they're shooting at you.. There's not alot of objects in the forge mode.. Forge world 2.0 was hyped way too much.. It's actually not big at all, it's small

And last but not least, Bungie still make you pay for extra storage in your file server section, I can guarantee to you right now that Treyarch won't make you pay for that same privilege when uploading videos of your matches in CoD Black Ops.

I'm not a troll either.. I played the game:



@ Below.. A Typical Halo fanboy comment. *sigh* -.-

@ units No dude, I ain't. I'm just telling the truth, Everything I've said is the truth, Believe me! :(

peowpeow2921d ago

Is it just me? Or does it actually take more skill in a game without iron sights? Think COD or BFBC2 or any game like that, it's harder to find discrepancies between skilled and non-skilled players.

I could be wrong though, since usually when games have the ability to "aim down your sight" the game is more 'realistic' therefore only requiring 2 bullets in the head for a kill so then that kills my point

-Alpha2921d ago

It's a sequel, of course it plays similar to the last game. The game is still a solid title with an awesome multiplayer (haven't finished the SP myself).

As for file storage, you do realize that you get a lot of room to upload for FREE right? It makes sense to pay for extra room considering the fact that having files is costly to Bungie.

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