SG Review: Halo Reach

Sarcastic Gamer gets their fill of Halo Reach and has a far different experience with it than what you read a week ago...

From the review: "There are few games that ever live up to hype. Halo games included. Halo: Reach, Bungie’s last Halo game, but certainly not THE last Halo game we’ll ever see, is here. I’ve played everything there is to play. Initially, I was going to review just the Campaign, but after getting a good look at all three phases of the game, Campaign, Firefight and Multiplayer, I’m going to take my shot at all three. I didn’t play around with Forge though and wouldn’t know how to review it anyway…

Read on and find out whether the last Bungie Halo game ever, lives up to the hype. Prepare to be confused, elated, disappointed, happy, sad and pensively optimistic, after the jump!"

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Or to save the click, from the article:

"Overall, Reach is a mixed bag. The campaign is worth playing, but I still can’t get over my disappointment with Firefight. Multiplayer is as playable as ever, but not my deciding factor when looking at Halo games. Is this a buy? It is. I believe that it’s worth playing and because I’m sure all of your friends are playing it, you should probably pick it up and get your game on with your buddies. If you don’t have a lot of Halo playing friends, rent this, play the Campaign, and return it, because there’s not much else here for you."


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i am not a big halo fan but ppl need to stop tht attacking consoles crap..

live and let live.. how hard it is to follow that.. most of us are here to enjoy games no one neither sony nor ms are paying us to be their lawyers .. so stfu and the enjoy the games


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